Jun 4, 2009

URGENT! Please read- RE: Josiah Rodriguez

From my friend Erin at Erin Jones Photography! God has been so gracious to surround us with such caring compassionate friends! We are so blessed.
Please feel free to forward this to as many people as possible...
Hi Friends!
Many of you have been in a prayer loop/update for one of my best friends & her family, especially her 2 year old Josiah "JoJo".

Last week, Josiah was hospitalized with a sudden onset of an unexplained case of bruising all over his body, nose bleeds, vomiting & fever. He was immediately admitted into the care of the CHOC Oncology ward, who performed extensive tests for numerous known diseases, including Leukemia.
Although he has been in the care of the outstanding staff at CHOC, we sometimes learn that despite the amazing advances of medical technology these days, some things are still left undiagnosed or excused as a mysterious "virus."
They discharged Jojo on Monday, saying he appears healthy enough to go home, but still with no clear explanation or diagnosis of the symptoms.
A few options have been floating around as far as diseases go, "Aplastic Anemia" being one of them (for more information go here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aplastic_anemia,) but they remain unclear, at least until Thursday, when they will have more test results.

In the meantime, Alida, (amazing mother of 4, including twins) is pregnant with their fifth baby, due this Friday.
To add fuel to flame, Huatzin (incredibly devoted husband/father to this quiver) has been laid off of a union job as a plumber.
As you can imagine, this has (and continues to be) a scary time in their lives.
This incredible family has had to face a hard decision to bank their unborn child's cord blood as a "life insurance" policy for their family. If the diagnosis for Jojo is in fact Aplastic Anemia, it is treatable with a cord blood transfusion! (For more information go here http://www.viacord.com/mia.htm)

Therefor, they has prayerfully decided this is the smartest decision for their family, but is in need of financial assistance...
The full cost of the Cord Blood program is $2195. Alida signed up during a special month and received a discount of $500 already! They need to raise only $1695 to offset the total remaining cost, but any amount they raise will help ease the financial burden.
If you are at all inclined, please read this message from Alida below (in RED) & feel free to donate ANY amount, even small donations will help immensely when added up! There is a link to make a minimum donation of $25 directly with Viacord Gift Registry on line with a credit card, however if you prefer to mail cash/check/money order or give an anonymous donation of any smaller incriments, make checks payable to Alida Rodriguez with "cord blood donation" in the memo section and mail to me:
Erin Hagemeister

I will collect all the donations & present them to her on Monday June 8, 2009...Thats only 5 days away!
Thank you & God Bless!


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