Jun 30, 2008

Letter: Barack Obama and the Audacity of Eugenics

Letter: Barack Obama and the Audacity of Eugenics

“We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population. And the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.” -- Margaret Sanger, founder, American Birth Control League, now known as Planned Parenthood (the nation’s largest abortion provider).

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thanks to all of you at Planned Parenthood for all the work that you are doing for women all across the country and for families all across the country - and for men who have enough sense to realize you are helping them, all across the country. I want to thank Cecile Richards (national president of Planned Parenthood) for her extraordinary leadership. I am happy to see so many good friends here today, including Steve Trombley and Pam Sutherland from my home state of Illinois. We had a number of battles down in Springfield from many years and it’s wonder to see that they are here today.” -- Barack Obama, standing before an assembly of Planned Parenthood members.

NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League), the pro-abortion political action committee, has consistently given Barack Obama a 100% rating for his unswerving support of pro-abortion legislation. Obama even failed to support legislation banning the horrendous act of “partial birth abortion,” where the baby is nearly fully delivered from the mother and then the doctor inserts a sharp tool into the baby’s skull and “terminates the pregnancy.” I’m sorry, I know that is a graphic subject, but it simply stands to demonstrate the horrible crimes against humanity that Obama perpetuates!

Barack Obama speaks fervently for equality and fair treatment for all races, classes and sub-groups of individuals. So, why is it that he is in bed with the vile and contemptuous abortion industry? It is an established and sad piece of American history, shunned by those of the liberal persuasion, that the pro-abortion movement began, quite openly, as a social experiment to “control” the population of minorities, the poor, and the “feebleminded” or individuals with disabilities!

Unfortunately, most Americans that have been duped into supporting this form of murder known as abortion probably are completely unaware of the true roots of their “freedom movement.” I understand that most are probably ignorant of the true derivation of the abortion industry. However, now that you are aware, how can you, in good conscience, support such a cause or a man like Barack Obama who seeks to enshrine and propagate the hideous social experiment of abortion and the attempt to eliminate the “undesirables” of our nation?

Chris King,


Jun 19, 2008

RE: Please pray for a family for this sibling set! UPDATE/more children !!

Just HAD to share with all of you.. Your prayers have worked. Many of you wrote/called to tell me that you are praying for these children. 3 families even contacted me saying they wanted to adopt them. THEY FOUND A HOME! SOMEONE ADOPTED ALL SEVEN CHILDREN! Praise the Lord that sibling set found a forever family. God is good. My heart was filled with joy and thanksgiving! Unfortunately Brittany is still waiting. Here are a couple more sets that need prayer and homes...please read and/pray for them. Perhaps some of you may even consider being a father to the fatherless? My hope is that each of these children would all find homes. It makes it easier for me to know which doors God is closing for us by having them adopted. :-) pass it around to get the word out. BTW for some reason there tends to be many more waiting boys then girls needing homes. ;-( Take a look at the photos and pray! BTW, if you DO adopt because of this post, or adopt any of these children, can you please let me know? Thank you. Alida w4
--a very special family needed Please pray for this child and her child. I was especially was taken by the responsibility this young lady is showing in her own life, going to school with good grades,wanting to go to college, working part time and taking care of her child. I hope we in the adoption community can help both of these children by at least getting the word out, if we aren't called to be their family ourselves. I have a very strong feeling that both these children are starved for the affections of a real family. My heartbreaks for this young lady to have to ask for grandparents for her child. Please forward these children's stories where ever you can to get their word out.

Charlotte T., proud volunteer with http://www.untilallhavehomes.org http://www.grantmeachance.com
Kaylee's story:http://www.babyjellybeans.com/web/do/site/home?ID=174441
Subject: a special family is needed
From: TDelle@...
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2008 19:20:40 -0500

Okay, here is a very different situation than I've ever presented.
Please pray for this situation and pass it on to anyone who may be
interested in pursuing this adoption. Thank you, Tammy

Name: Matrine
Status: Born
Birth Date: 3/18/1992
Gender: Female
Race: African-American
Special Need: None Known
This child is a mature, 16 year old female, who has completed the 10th grade. She hopes to attend college after high school and currently has the grades to do so. She is the mother of a five year old daughter, Melissa, who she is currently parenting. Matrine hopes to find a family that will adopt her and become grandparents to her 5 year old daughter. Matrine hopes to find a family that is young thinking and can help her to develop and grow into a well rounded young woman. She currently works part time at McDonald's. She is open to moving away from the Memphis area. Adoption Assistance is available for this child. Matrine has no developmental, physical or behavior problems.

Tammy Delle, M.A.
Middle Tennessee Director
Bethany Christian Services
220 Athens Way # 405
Nashville, TN 37228 615) 242-0909
Precious age 5 she's been waiting...
Hey, you wouldn't even need to change his name to a biblical one! Malachi is 5 ______________________________________________________________
Christian age 3 http://photolisting.adoption.com/foster-adoption/children/christian-14388
Nathan H ( H should be for HANDSOME, because that's what he is! Nathan means gift and he is a gift from the Lord for whoever adopts this set. ;-) Nathan and his sister Alize are both 5. you can find them here http://photolisting.adoption.com/foster-adoption/children/nathan+h-6743 They have been on this site for a LONG time. Help them find a home. They are from California
Another precious set http://photolisting.adoption.com/foster-adoption/children/jaustinity-14113 Jaustinity (age 6) Donavan (age 5)and Alayna (age 7)located in Texas They are precious
Have you ever wanted girl twins? Shametra & Shameka age 5. http://photolisting.adoption.com/foster-adoption/children/shametra-14256
Joseph age 7, Keshyaunna (5 girl) Tyreece (boy age 4) http://photolisting.adoption.com/foster-adoption/children/tyreece-13247 check out those gorgeous eyes
Davontrae 11, Semaj age 9, Emonni (girl 7) Asiah (Girl 6) Carl ( male 5) http://photolisting.adoption.com/foster-adoption/children/emonni-13590
Aisha (girl 11) Ayisha (girl 11) Lee (male age 5) Layiron age 3Male
http://photolisting.adoption.com/foster-adoption/children/shakira-14339Shakira age 4 Cheyenne age 8
http://photolisting.adoption.com/foster-adoption/children/brendon-12268 Fabulous 8! Brendon(male 17) Lesha female 15, Tyshawn male age 14Mariah female age 13 Tabitha ages 10 female, Nakia age(8 female) Danyale age 5 female Jaheim age 4 male
Jacob (male age 7) Christine age 7, Charles (age 4), Georgie (female age 3) http://photolisting.adoption.com/foster-adoption/children/charles-9740
http://photolisting.adoption.com/foster-adoption/children/emarion-12136Enederia (female age 12) Elijah age 8, Edward age 6, Ethan age 5 male, Emarion (male age 4) Exavier *age 3
Hayden Age:3 http://photolisting.adoption.com/foster-adoption/children/hayden-14279
logan age 3 female http://photolisting.adoption.com/foster-adoption/children/logan+t-13992
Antonio (age 3) http://photolisting.adoption.com/foster-adoption/children/antonio-13694 _________________
Gage 5 Arianna F 7 http://photolisting.adoption.com/foster-adoption/children/gage+f-12809
Pearl 11 http://photolisting.adoption.com/foster-adoption/children/pearl-10667
Cheryl 10, Joseph 7, Kaylee 6 Anthony 4
JadaAge:3 Taleah age 4, Dakota 6, http://photolisting.adoption.com/foster-adoption/children/jada-14131
Meckhii is a beautiful little guy who likes to play computer learning games. Meckhii interacts well with adults and is loving and needs encouragement to interact with kids. Meckhii has faced a lot of challenges in his young life, yet he still manages to share his bright smile with the world. Meckhii needs a family that can support his needs and advocate for him throughout his life. Meckhii
Meckhii is 4 years of age. His ethnicity is African-American, and he will join an adoptive family as a single child. His agency is located in San Bernardino, CA. His reference number is 496426.
Melinda is 6 years of age. Her ethnicity is Asian/Pacific Islander, and she is one of 4 to be placed together for adoption. Her agency is located in Torrance, CA. Her reference number is 494283.
Meet Melinda, a beautiful and sweet girl. School is a challenge for her as she has to switch from using Khmer to learning English. Melinda is quiet and mild-tempered, but can also be mischievous as she sometimes likes to tease other children. She follows her sister Deborah around and likes to imitate her actions, such as pretending to read or write. Melinda can be independent and she follows adult directions well.
SIBS: Pamala, Sary & Deborah
Rayleen is 7 years of age. Her ethnicity is Latino, and she is one of 3 to be placed together for adoption. Her agency is located in Orange, CA. Her reference number is 495471.
To see siblings, click on their names: Selene (ID: 495472) Melody (ID: 495473)_________
Endya is 9 years of age. Her ethnicity is African-American, and she is one of 3 to be placed together for adoption. Her agency is located in Oakland, CA. Her reference number is 496355. To see siblings, click on their names: Jabari (ID: 496354) Dantrell (ID: 496356)
Disrupted Haitian adoption/beautiful girl!
http://www.achildswaiting.com/adoptive_parents/adoption_disruption/disruption_children.php I was checking out waiting children when I saw this precious beautiful gem! I saw this child and wanted to post it here. I am not on any other Haitian groups, so if you feel compelled, pass it on, or if you feel led, pray and see if she might be right for you family! Bless you, Alida w4

Brittany 's Profile http://www.achildswaiting.com/adoptive_parents/adoption_disruption/profiles/brittany.php « Back to Children Waiting
Brittany was born in Haiti on 3-12-93 and has been in the USA for 2 years. She was adopted along with her birth brother and a friend from the same orphanage. She maintains contact with her birth family in Haiti, which is important to her. Brittany continues to identify heavily with her Haitian culture and maintains her native language.

Brittany is in the 8 th grade in ESL and special education classes. She is significantly behind in her studies, primarily reading at a 2 nd grade level. Brittany struggles at times to remember what she learns. She has a hard time making friends and is shy. Brittany has low self-esteem and has problems with depression for which is medicated. At times, she can be oppositional when she feels depressed or bad about herself.

Brittany loves to cook and can style and braid hair in a very artistic manner. She needs a family that is willing to help her feel better about herself and will help her reach her potential academically. She is a sweet girl who needs a loving family that will commit to her to adulthood and beyond.
For more information please call 330-665-1811

Jun 15, 2008

Not much news on our adoption journey.

Well not much has changed on the status of our application. We are waiting in a sort of limbo waiting to even get our home study done. sigh. I sometimes wonder if the Lord is closing the door for us as it seems to be taking so long. I keep having to remind myself that it should be His will and not mine.

Day after day drags on, and still no word on our paperwork. :-( Waiting is hard. I want to be approved already and hold our children in my arms. I checked the website and two of our children had birthdays. sniff sniff, they had birthdays without their mama and daddy, and loving siblings. ;-( We love these kids but we truly are open. if the Lord wants to do something completely different. Though I really would like to adopt these particular children, only the Lord knows what is best and who would be the right match. A gal I met recently encouraged me by telling me that "God already knows which children are for us, He knew it before He created the foundations of the world, Even Before I was created, they were mine. " ;-) Well when you look at it that way. i seem,s so much easier to trust Him and His timing. It is still hard to be patient.

We were even prayerfully considering a teen that is raising a 5 year old. We don't want to limit God in what gifts He'd have for us or what the package (children) will look like. Truly, only He knows what is right for our family.

It breaks my heart to see so many orphans and kids in foster care all over! All different ages needing loving homes. I don't know how folks aren't completely grieved about the number of children going to bed hungry and/or parent-less each night. But I realize that this isn't every persons calling in life.. Did you know
Nearly 40 percent of American adults, or 81.5 million people, have considered adopting a child, according to the National Adoption Attitudes Survey. If just one in 500 of these adults adopted, every waiting child in foster care would have a permanent family?Isn't that amazing? Anyhoo, if you want to check out a cute video, watch this. Be blessed in Jesus Christ, our GLORIOUS REDEEMING SAVIOR! :-)

Jun 14, 2008

Buy a FROSTY from Wendy's/ help kids in foster care June 14th 7 15th!

Dear Friends
For a cause close to my heart!
Let's go to Wendy's to help kids in foster care. Bring Dad to Wendy's ( www.Wendy's.com/ ) this weekend and buy him a Frosty. For every Frosty sold June 14 and 15 (at participating locations), Wendy's will donate 50 cents to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption ( www.davethomasfoundation.org ) , a non-profit charity devoted to increasing the number of adoptions from U.S. foster care. We will be going both days. I just LOVE Dave Thomas. He has been coined the patron saint of Adoption. :-) - Dave Thomas and www.stevencurtischapman.com of www.shaohannahshope.org have done SO much for orphans and adoption. Here is a cute quick video regarding the Frosty Project. Pass it on, be Blessed! Alida
To see your message come to life click here:

BTW if you are interested in adoption or considering I have a brochure I can give you if you are local, otherwise you can order one for free from Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

Considering Adoption?
Today in America, 129,000 children wait in foster care for a safe, loving and permanent home. In Canada, 30,000 children wait. You can help by learning about foster care adoption and taking the next best step, ordering a

A Beginner's Guide to Adoption
Our signature adoption resource. "A Child is Waiting: A Beginner's Guide to Adoption", will help you learn more about the adoption process. Available in Spanish-language and Canadian versions.

Got Questions? Give us a call:
1.800.ASK.DTFA (1.800.275.3832)

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Visit a Wendy's. Buy a Frosty.
Support the cause of foster care adoption. During Father’s Day Weekend, June 14 and 15, participating Wendy’s will donate 50 cents from the sale of every Frosty product to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. >>

Jun 13, 2008

National Foster Care Adoption Attitudes Survey (2007)

Many folks have wanted to adopt. Check out these links and look at waiting kids all over! Or, if you are unable to adopt, look at the links and pray for these children! Pray that they find good homes and that they are loved and comforted and tat their needs are met! If ever there were those that desperately needed prayer.. it would be these children. Here are links for WAITING CHILDREN PHOTOLISTINGS. These children are available in the us and ALL OVER!

http://photolisting.adoption.com/ (Great site/both international and US)

Every day in America, children are abused, neglected and abandoned. Thousands enter the foster care and juvenile justice system through no fault of their own and are subsequently permanently removed from their homes because their birth families are unable or unwilling to provide a safe environment for them. Today, 129,000 children in the U.S. foster care system are available for adoption.

National Foster Care Adoption Attitudes Survey (2007)The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption commissioned Harris Interactive to understand Americans’ attitudes about foster care adoption, their beliefs about the children waiting to be adopted, their perceptions of the system caring for these children and their attitudes toward what a healthy living environment is for a child. By highlighting perceptions, or misperceptions in these areas, we can work to more effectively move children from the temporary, yet too often long-term care of the state into the permanent and nurturing care of a family.

Some key findings are:

U.S. adults are considering foster care adoption more often than any other type of adoption, but misperceptions abound about the children waiting to be adopted and the foster care adoption process.
Almost three quarters of American adults (72 %) have a very favorable opinion of adoption and almost two-thirds (69%) believe we as a society should be doing more to encourage foster care adoption.
Although 89% of Americans are familiar with adoption in general, 79% of Americans are familiar with foster care adoption.
Yet, given this large pool of potential adoptive parents who are both familiar with the issue and considering acting (48 million adults), 114,000 children still wait to be adopted from the U.S. foster care system.
Three core misperceptions about foster care adoption shared by the American public may deter potential parents from engaging in the system and following through with foster care adoptions.
1. Americans do not have a clear picture of the 114,000 eligible children in the U.S.
foster care system waiting for adoption.
2. Americans underestimate the diversity of individuals who are capable of adopting from
foster care.
3. Americans do not fully understand the U.S. foster care adoption process.

In order to increase the number of Americans engaging in the foster care adoption process, greater efforts must be taken to provide an accurate picture of the available children waiting for adoption, the specific steps for the adoption process and the diversity of individuals capable of adoption. In addition, key reforms must be implemented into the U.S. foster care system to ensure the adoption process is clear, efficient and responsive to the needs of prospective parents.
View the news release.
Download the Executive Summary for an in-depth view of key findings.
Download the Full Survey Report with Executive Summary and detailed findings.
View the Foster Care Adoption Fact Sheet to learn more about foster care adoption today.

Jun 7, 2008

America's generosity unmatched

America's generosity unmatched
Star Parker - Syndicated Columnist - 6/5/2008 7:00:00 AM

Americans are hearing so much these days about how bad we are that we're starting to believe it.

In a recent Gallup poll, 68 percent said they are "dissatisfied with the position of the United States in the world today," and 55 percent said they think that the rest of the world views us unfavorably.

However, as I page through a publication called the Index of Global Philanthropy, which is produced annually by the Center for Global Prosperity at the Hudson Institute in Washington, it becomes obvious that these American feelings of self-deprecation are misguided.

This is the just released third annual edition of this index. It produces a unique snapshot portraying the full extent of American generosity to developing countries, by amount and by source.

Usually when the question of aid to the developing world arises, we think of government funds. But this index shows that, whereas it may be the rule in the rest of the industrialized world that most aid is government aid, in our country this isn't the case. Most of the contributions that Americans make abroad are private and voluntary. And they are large.

In 2006, the latest year for which data is available, the index reports that Americans contributed privately and voluntarily $34.8 billion to individuals and organizations in developing countries.

Philanthropy is distinct from government aid in that it originates with private citizens and is voluntary, but also the recipients are private individuals and organizations, as opposed to governments. Private to private versus government to government.

The $34.8 billion in philanthropy from private Americans exceeded the $23.5 billion in official U.S. government aid abroad by $11.3 billion, or 48 percent.

This private philanthropy is flowing from foundations, corporations, private and voluntary organizations, universities and colleges, and religious organizations.

Of particular interest in this year's index is the $8.8 billion reported from religious organizations. According to Carol Adelman, who directs this work, the data was produced by commissioning "the first national survey of congregational giving to the developing world" ever done.

The average contribution of congregations was $10,700.

To put this in some kind of perspective, the $8.8 billion in giving from American religious institutions to developing countries was $1.5 billion more than the total giving from all private sources in 30 of the world's major industrialized democratic countries combined.

When consolidating all assistance funds flowing from the United States to developing countries, the total is $129.8 billion. This is the total of government aid, philanthropy, and remittances -- funds sent directly by private individuals to other private parties in developing countries, often family members. A far second in total giving behind the United States is the United Kingdom at $20.7 billion.

There are a couple of important messages here.

First, of course, is the incredible compassion and generosity of Americans. American largesse does not need to be pried or forced by the government. It flows organically from free, civic-minded and often religiously motivated citizens. And it comes from citizens of every income strata. The religious giving data shows that whereas the average congregation gives $10,700, the median number is $2,500, indicating that there are many smaller, less wealthy congregations engaged.

The other headline is the central importance of the private sector in both generating prosperity, but also in sharing it.

Bookshelves now strain with studies showing the failures of government-to-government aid.

It is individuals who create wealth. Compassion and personal responsibility reside in the breasts of those same individuals. Neither can be said of government bureaucracies.

Barack Obama spoke at the commencement ceremony at Wesleyan University the other day. He talked about national service and, recalling John F. Kennedy, committed to doubling the size of the Peace Corps if elected president.

From what I see and what the data shows, Americans don't need government to make them care, contribute, and volunteer. If anything, they need less government so they'll retain and keep control of more of what they produce and subsequently share with those in need.

Other countries may have their own motivations for what causes them to view Americans the way they do. But the data is clear. Americans are unmatched in creating prosperity and sharing it.

It's time to pay closer attention to what Americans do rather than what others say.

Star Parker (parker@urbancure.org) is president of CURE, Coalition on Urban Renewal and Education and author of three books.

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Dalit Woman, Newborn Die After Hospital Refuses Treatment

Dalit Woman, Newborn Die After Hospital Refuses Treatment
Maya Devi, a 28-year-old Dalit ("Untouchable") woman, writhed in labor pains outside the maternity wing of a medical college as her sister and neighbor looked on helplessly April 23. Seven hours after doctors denied her treatment at the hospital in Uttar Pradesh, India, she gave birth to a baby boy. The baby died minutes after being born due to a lack of medical help.

According to a report by the Press Trust of India, because of her caste, the hospital's chief superintendent and other doctors refused to touch Devi or provide her with medical treatment while she was in labor.

Because Devi was a Dalit, most of the hospital staff considered her unsuitable to receive medical treatment.
But Dr. Kiran Pandey, head of gynecology at the hospital, refused to let the social stigma of the caste system get in the way of caring for this "untouchable" mother.

Dr. Pandey was an hour away from the hospital when she found out about Devi's situation. She rushed back as quickly as she could and brought the unconscious mother into the intensive care unit. But for all Dr. Pandey's efforts, Devi died the following day after a series of heart attacks.

Because Devi was a Dalit, most of the hospital staff considered her unsuitable to receive medical treatment. Dalits belong to the lowest group on the caste social ladder and are seen as less than human in Indian society. Because of their position, people belonging to the upper castes fear making contact with them. Despite the fact that the caste system was outlawed more than 50 years ago, it continues to have a strong hold on much of Indian life. Throughout the country, Dalits are still systematically abused and work as virtual slaves. They are constantly told they have no value.

Very often, those who abuse the Dalits get away with their crimes. Fortunately in Devi's case, nine doctors have been suspended for refusing to offer treatment in her time of need.

The state's chief minister, Mayawati, expressed deep sorrow over the infant's death by announcing financial assistance to Devi's family, but no amount of money could ease the pain of Devi's death.

Now, thanks to Gospel for Asia's missionaries, Dalits are experiencing a sense of hope and a renewed awakening that they are worthy of love. They are amazed to find out from the missionaries that Jesus Christ loves them and died for them.

GFA missionaries in Uttar Pradesh ask for continued prayers for their work among the Dalit people and throughout India.

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