Jun 4, 2009

Cord Blood for Josiah!

We are thrilled about the upcoming birth of our baby.

As you know, we had quite a health scare with Josiah recently. After much prayer and deliberation, though we pray it isn't ever needed, we thought it wise to do cord blood preservation with Viacord. We believe this potentially life saving option is the right thing to do for our family.

Many of you have asked if you could bring us a meal or groceries, or help out in some way to support our family, and what our new baby needs. We already have everything needed for this new precious little one. We ask instead of a meal or baby items that if you feel led, (please do not feel obligated in any way)
we invite you to contribute to our Viacord account as a truly unique baby gift – one that could last a lifetime.

To view our announcement online or to make a contribution, click here.


Isabel said...

Hi and greetings from New Zealand! I have been following your story since some other bloggy friend posted about the need for prayer for Josiah and your family. I am very touched by what you have to go through at this time and want you to know that I have been and will continue to pray for you. You have so many challenges, but GOD IS IN CONTROL, nothing escapes him and you are in HIS loving care!!!
I will talk with hubby about sending a contribution.
Much love in Jesus,

P.S.: your blog is amazing and an inspiration! You must be a wonderful woman of God!

Ransomed~Redeemed said...

Isabel, Thank you so much for praying for our family, all the way from New Zealand! Have you ever been to an Above Rubies Retreat? Have you heard of www.Aboverubies.org ? You will be blessed by their retreats, magazine, and devotional. Bless you for thinking of our family!. Alida w5

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