Jun 11, 2009

New Update/Healing Josiah through diet and natural Methods? Holistic doctor? Email address change

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Hello Friends,
Yesterday we went in to get labs for Josiah. He is such a great easy going kiddo. The nurses check his blood pressure and usually they get a bad reading on his arm so when he saw the monitor he immediately pulled up his little pant leg. He hands his arm over even though he knows they'll draw blood, he doesn't like it but he seems to sense that it is for his benefit, even though he sheds a few tears,
he obeys.. I pray he is as trusting in His walk with the LORD. We are often times asked by God to do things that we don't like and even that are painful but we know it's for our own good. He is SO sweet, friendly and the nurses and doctors are so smitten with his happy disposition and sweet personality.

He didn't need a transfusion, but he is low so we go back for testing again on Friday. Now every little fever or small bruise has me on alert and more prayerful and I have always been a very laid back mama. I did get to speak with a doctor. From what I understand, his cells/blood are aplastic but they hope it is just his body recovering from a virus. (so do we) They did mention something that gave me cause for concern. They will monitor him continuously until June 27th. if at that time his bone marrow doesn't heal and kick into gear, they'll give him another Bone Marrow Biopsy and Aspiration and likely diagnose him as having Apalstic Anemia.;-( From there we would begin treatments which include drugs and possibly bone marrow transplant. ;-(

We are PRAYING to the Lord Jesus that this is not the case and he is just recovering from a virus. This is actually the illness that one of the doctors said is worse than leukemia. Silver lining... God's timing for this is incredible. If this ends up being AA, He planned it all perfectly that I would be due at this time, that Josiah would get sick right before birth to warn us to bank the cord blood, and that Huatzin would be home to help me with the children.

We have been praying about Josiah's situation and really wanting to take a more proactive role in seeing our son healed. I have been looking into Hallelujah Acres , juicing, supplements, and other raw based nutritional type of things to try to heal my little boy. The doctors don't seem to know what is causing his platelets and blood cells to decrease or what is making it so that his body isn't producing all that it needs to, and I have until the 27th to try and kick start his marrow before more invasive and serious treatments. These are treatments we desperately want to avoid.

As I was praying about this, God recently provided funds for us via a GENEROUS gift by Vineyard Christian Community Church of La Habra that has allowed me to purchase items that will help me try to heal his body naturally. ( more on God's AMAZING provision next post! )

Can you please email me if you have information on healing through nutrition for toddler age children? I'd love to hear from families that have done this successfully. Please contact us if you have cured yourself or a family member with Aplastic Anemia or similar blood disorder naturally.

Also I was checking into holistic type doctors in or near Orange County. I am not quite sure what to look for. I am guessing I need someone that has experience with blood type /platelet disorders. If anyone has experience with dealing with or choosing Nautropathic/Holistic type doctors, can you please assist me? What is at
I should look for? What type of questions should I ask? I know quite a few that I have seen online seem to be rooted in New Age, evolution, and eastern medicine. I am trying to avoid new age type of treatments. Thank you so much for your prayer, support, advice, and encouragement. Love, Alida and the Rodriguez Family.


Tony and Julee Huy said...



The Gerson Method is a natural healing method to cancer and other disorders. The second like is a free video documentary of the Gerson Method.

We have a son with autism that is recovering using a biomedical approach. If I am ever dealing with cancer I will definitly be looking into the Gerson Method.

Arline Oliphint said...

Precious sister Alida...

I just found your blog through a friend's post on Facebook, and I've read every post back to May 28th when Josiah was hospitalized. I know (along with you) that the Lord has a total purpose for all that He is allowing you folks to go through! I have felt God's anointing on me so strongly the whole time I've been reading your story. He is definitely up to something GREAT for His glory through all of this!!! (Whew! I'm feeling another wave of tingles washing over me even as I type these words!) It will all work out for God's glory and praise... as you know.

I can relate somewhat, but my experience was 32 years ago. I was pregnant with my 4th child at the time(and this is your 4th pregnancy, although the 5th child). I was early in my pregnancy when I had to live at the hospital with my 4-year-old daughter who nearly died of a ruptured appendix. My husband couldn't visit much because he had the other two children. The ordeal lasted nearly 5 weeks. Becky was also real good about letting them poke her, and has always seemed to have a very high tolerance for pain.

You mentioned wanting everything to be taken care of before the baby arrives. I was the same way with my second pregnancy, because we needed to move into a bigger apartment. I knew it would be so much easier to do that BEFORE giving birth! I already had a 15-month-old, and I sure didn't need a brand new baby, too, while trying to move! Well, the Lord took care of it. I carried that baby an extra 5 weeks past my due date! And we were both perfectly healthy. Even though she was my biggest baby, she was the easiest one to deliver out of the four.

Anyway, I know God is in control in your situations. I pray He will continue to show you exactly what steps to take, and continue to give you peace and encouragement.

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