Jun 23, 2009

Bone marrow biopsy CANCELLED!

Praise the Lord for what God has done! Your prayers are working! Right as we were ready to leave this morning, the doctor called to inform us that Josiah's numbers went up DRAMATICALLY!!!
His biopsy is no longer needed! We are so thankful! I honestly think it is the prayer, the homeopathic things we've tried, and... BREAST MILK!

My milk recently came in and he has been nursing up a storm. I think all the
wonderful nutrients in good ole fashioned mamas milk has been the cure for
what ails him. ;-) I used to always feel God' leading to do extended nursing with
each of my children, that if they got sick it would be a great source of comfort
for them, lo and behold it is true. God gives us everything we need. I've always
figured, if it was good enough for JESUS, Moses, Samuel and Isaac, it's good
enough for my kiddos. Thank you faithful saints. To God be the glory.
We go back next week, hopefully we will continue to see improvement!


darci said...

praising God with you, with tears in my eyes. God is good.

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