Aug 30, 2010

Master cleanse 27 days!

I made it to 27 days on the cleanse and was fully prepared to go to 40 days but went camping and forgot all of my cleanse stuff at home and ending up breaking my fast for the sake of saving my pocketbook. I will rest my body for a week or so and finish out my remainder of the cleanse. I should mention that I got really sick not ending the cleanse gradually. I won't go into the TMI details of HOW sick I got, but suffice it to say, it wasn't pleasant! Many MANY days of a sick tummy.

On a side note, I am down 30 lbs and look and feel really good! I would still like to lose about 30 more before my 30th birthday. But I'm willing to do that via a vegan and /raw lifestyle. I can't stop talking about the benefits of the master cleanse!

Aug 20, 2010

Day 20 of the Master cleanse! Down 24 pounds

I am on my 20th day of the master cleanse. It is hard for me though as I did a 10 day cleanse before this almost back to back. I really feel I should have waited longer between cleanses. It's like I've done 30 days of the cleanse!

I am down 24 pounds though I did not do this at all to lose weight. This is getting hard. I am tempted to quit at the 21 day mark... the taste of the lemonade is getting pretty repulsive. I typically forget to drink it because it's getting to be a pain to make the lemon/syrup concoction. (which in turn makes me feel weak. Also, this may be TMI but because your detoxing, you kinda SMELL funny. I take multiple showers now or take my shower right before I go anywhere. I also try to use a nice smelling lotion. They say you've cleansed well when you get the white coating on your tongue, and later on it turns back to pink. I have not yet had that happen. My asthma is gone. I have not gotten to that really energetic clear thinking stage yet, but I have not been getting enough sleep. Maybe that has something to do with it. I'll take it day by day.. I was originally hoping to make it a 40 day fast but that seems far off. I ran out of my gallon of organic maple syrup. This means I am buying those super expensive tiny jars from Trader Joe's that last only every other day and lemons are getting expensive. This cleanse is really eating into our budget. I will say though, I was going out the door, when I looked down and my skirt fell completely off! It's too loose. Dangit. I really LOVED that skirt. :-) But that seems like an ok problem to have. Ok I sound really whiny right now huh. I'd like to get to that feeling of enlightenment many speak about so maybe I just need to persevere. ;-) UG, pray for me. On the brighter side, My hubby can't stop telling how darn awesome I look. :-) He's a cutie. It is REALLY encouraging because I have started meeting tons of people who have done the cleanse! This is great because I heard lots of negative comments so it's good to hear about many NORMAL people giving great feedback about the benefits and the legitimacy of this cleanse.

Safe Families Model!

The Safe Families Model
What a beautiful alternative to foster care! I ended up in foster care because my mom herself was in foster care lacked support as a teenage single mother. Things like this could provide the Titus 2 mentoring support needed to keep families together, share Christ and keep children form becoming orphans.

Aug 18, 2010

Raffle for Adoptive Family/GREAT PRIZES &Curriculum

HOLD IT! STOP THE PRESS!  Please do not buy any curriculum until you check out our raffle! We have almost 60 different donations from many well known  organizations and ministries. Many items for non homeschoolers too!  HELP AN ORPHAN GET HOME!!! James 1:27 PLEASE HELP US MAKE THIS THE BIGGEST BEST RAFFLE EVER!!!  ONLY $5.00 a ticket!!! REALLY FABULOUS PRIZES!!! The Richards family only has a few weeks to raise the remaining funds needed to bring their son home from China!!

Items available...
Gift Certificate from Apologia, Blackbird & Co.
*TWO $200.00 gift certificates to Rainbow Resources Center Inc.
*A Carole Joy Seid Seminar Gift Certificate!
* 2 CD's and a Soap Gift basket from Generation Cedar!
* The Hole in our Gospel  * A brand new parallel amplified bible  *Stylish back pack bag,
*Joshua The Warrior Action Set 
*Who is God and can we really know him by Jon Hay and David Webb.
*3 separate “Milestone Reading complete reading programs.” 
*Write-shop Primary book A and Activity Worksheet Pack
*The well Planned day, *The well Grounded  Middle schooler
 *The well guided high schooler
*Melissa & Doug Pirate Puzzle and tiger puppet/.
*The Latin Road to English Volume 3!
*Destined to Soar by Gospel For Asia.
*Jean Wells Worship-Guitar Class Vol 1.                  
*Christian Heros Vol 1-5 from YWAM
*Eat your way around the world. by geomatterS                 
*Infrared Alien flying remote control set
*TWO copies of “They sold their souls for Rock N Roll
*7 Copies of Let us Highly Resolve: David and Shirley Quine. 
 *The Gift of dyslexia
*A journey Home DVD by Franklin Springs Media.          
*Original  Intent from Wall builders
*T Shirt by BJU, Homeschooler do school anywhere and everywhere
*Jacket from generation Joshua.
*Art supplies by Miller Pads and Paper. 
*Prima Latina Teacher & Student manual 
*Accelerated learning  by global learning strategies.                   
*God your real dad
*History through literature 3 books. 5 in a row, Augustus Cesar, by Beautiful Feet
*Fun and Educational Places to go in Southern California 8th Edition.
*Gentle babies, growing healthy                         
 *CD lamp & quill bible resource
*Our Time Together Complete set from Full Amour Ministries
* Book from Circle C Adventures.                      
*Classics for Children
*Gift Certificate from Apologia
*Books from Creation Research institute!
*Why the Bible? 
*1 Don’t Waste Your Life Study Kit, and 2 Illustrated Job books. from John Pipers Desiring God Ministries
*1 copy each of Preparing To Be A Help Meet, Created To Be A Help Meet and Good and Evil.
*2 Raising Godly Tomatoes books
*7 copies of Highly Resolved. * Gift pack from Institute of Creation Research
*College Prep Genius class DVD and booklets
*Classics for Kids by The Boston Pops & Arthur Fiedler
*Homeschooling at the Speed of Life by Marilyn Rockett 
*  Managers of Their Homes 
And much much more! VISIT Donations from these Sponsors 
Beautiful Feet Books, BJU Press, Blackbird & Company, Carole Joy Seid, Carolina Christian Book Fairs, Circle C Adventures, College Prep Genius, CollegePlus Store
Cornerstone Curriculum, Desiring God (John Piper), Drills, Skills & More, Franklin Springs Family Media, Full Armor Ministries, FUN Places Publishing, Generation Cedar, Generation Joshua, Generations of Virtue, Geography Matters, Good Steward Books GoodFight Ministries, Gospel For Asia, Great Products Online! Growing Healthy Homes Institute for Creation Research, Ladera Reading Solutions for Dyslexia
Lamp & Quill International,Mad Dog Math, Memoria Press, Milestone Reading
Miller Pads & Paper, Passing the Baton International, Picture This Bible
Rainbow Resources Center, Inc, Raising Godly Tomatoes, Schola Publications(TheLatinRoad), The Well Planned Day,, WallBuilders
Worship Guitar Class, WriteShop, YWAM Publishing
The more donations we receive the more you can win! Also, if you have a good working vehicle you are not using, I can put you in contact with a WONDERFUL mom in need.  We may not all be able to adopt but we can ALL help an orphan get HOME! Alida w5 

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Unless someone care's

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