Jan 16, 2005

Update on us Jan/18/2005

Hi Folks,
It has been awhile since I have posted. God is doing a great work in keeping me humble. Lest I not get to prideful thinking I can control everything. :-)

The boys are giving me a run for my money with how much energy they have and how quick witted they are. I am learning patience love and gentleness in parenting three. My mentor Sue is such a sweetheart. She tells me 3 is as hard as it ever got for her, and she has SEVEN!

Huatzin is almost done with school. He does Special Olympics coaching often. I am so proud that he does this and the boys and I LOVE cheering him and the guys on. We will begin a Crown financial class in February, to learn better budgeting to save for a house and learn to be better stewards. Huatzin is amazing! He really is an WONDERFUL dad. The boys admire him and Anaiah wants him MORE than me when he is home! Something I never experienced with the boys. GOD I AM SO BLESSED!!!

The boys are so amazingly smart. Sometimes I wonder WHY they are so smart. God has made them delightfully inquisitive and the whole world to them is an endless place of exploring and learning. I am finally getting the " why questions." They want to know about EVERYTHING! Lord help me keep this desire for knowledge alive.

They are my mirror. If I have ANY flaws at all, they pick up on it and will reflect them right at me! I kept telling them boys in a harsh manner. "BE QUIET! Keep your mouth SHUT." They boys started saying it to each other. When I told them not to say it Canaan said," only YOU can say that mama? Uww burn.

Lord let me not be the hypocritical parent that demands more of my children than I myself can do.

Kids are such a great reason to always try to improve yourself and your condition! There is a saying,

" Live so that when your children think of fairness and integrity, they think of you." H. Jackson Brown

How true that is!

Hope all is well with you all. Alida PROUD mom & wife

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