Jun 4, 2009

Going back to the Hospital

We took Josiah to CHOC this morning for a blood test and were hopeful for the results from last weeks tests, but no results were given. I was relieved to have them draw more blood for Josiah as he has a couple of new tiny bruises. Not at all as big as the others, much more faint... We also got to drop off food for my old "roommate." Since starting treatment little Jasmine looks MUCH better, please continue to pray for her.

Well shortly after we left we were called and told that Josiah needs to come back ASAP to the hospital as he is once again low on platelets. I ASKED HOW MANY AND SHE MENTIONED 15, (I'm assuming she meant 15,000) I asked what is considered normal. She mentioned 150,000-200,000, but in his case, 50,000 is good.
We are going back at 1pm. So, once again we ask for prayer. We are standing in faith that he is going to be healed. He tested too low this morning, so something is going on, they just don't know exactly what. I am just thankful that it is outpatient. I am due tomorrow so I PRAY we don't have to be admitted. Thanks for reading this and praying.


momof3under6 said...

did you have to be admitted? been thinking about you all day and hoping that you're doing ok. praying for you!

Ransomed~Redeemed said...

We didn't get readmitted! Love to you, Alida w5

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