Jul 28, 2011

True Friends...

I just returned from a most life changing trip. Many amazing people prayed and donated to help me get to this place of walking in what I was created to do. The place of following God's call of faithfulness, of walking on water and of battling the demons of discouragement from my past. Many have loved me with a Christlike love that blessed and enabled me to do the things Jesus Himself did.

I wanted to preface by saying that I am a loyal friend. My family is the one you see at every birthday party. We have helped countless friends move, we give whatever we have either it be childcare, knowledge, resources or experience. I learn so much from so many amazing wonderful mentors and each thing I learn or anything that can bless I pass on to anyone interested. I was also allowed to see those that I have stayed up late at night more times than I can count praying over friends in crisis, giving them resources, bible verses etc. The Lord showed me that some of these friends must have some issue with me. Some of these that I have poured my heart and life into in the past, tend to be the most critical of me. They seem to always try to snuff out my aspirations of doing mighty works of service for Christ but at the same time copy a great many things from me. I can't be all that bad. :-) It's been said that that imitation is the highest form of flattery. That is true enough. It occurs to me however, that some of those I prayed for the most never called me the entire time my little son was ill in and out of the hospital with a life threatening blood disorder. They and are so negative about the wonderful opportunities taking place within our family, it's so unsettling. Some either make belittling comments or totally ignore my heart for ministering compassion to those in need despite my being enthusiastically supportive of their endeavors. One thing I have noted is that those that are the most critical seem to do the least. Those that made comments donated not even a pair of underwear, not a pair of shoes, not a stick of toothpaste or even a bottle of tylenol or formula to help those literally with NOTHING. Some while flaunting, doing extravagant things like theme park passes and more. I'm not telling anyone what to do with their money but we've been super poor and I've NEVER let a friend adopt of venture on a mission trip where I didn't sacrifice something to sow into the dreams of those that I love even if all I could give was $20, a malaria net or bottles/formula for babies. If you can't donate, you can at least be prayerful and encouraging. However it is NEVER acceptable allow one's self to be an accuser of the brethren or mouthpiece for the evil one. Also there are many hurting people and lots of work to be done. If you don't like our methods of ministering you can always show us yours.

Ephesians 4:29
Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister GRACE to the hearers.

Matthew 7:21 "Not everyone who says to Me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will." 

Jul 3, 2011

Bringing Home KADEN! Adoption RAFFLE for the COX family

Hi Friends,
Meet the Cox family. Steve and Annette.

They have 4 fabulous boys! Steve teaches over at Orange Coast Community College, in Costa Mesa CA. The lovely Annette is an awesome homeschooling mother to four precious boys and was adopted. http://thejourneytokaden.blogspot.com/They are fundraising to bring their little son 5 year old Kaden home from China. You may remember him as Solomon's bestest little bud at the orphanage that Stacy Richards was advocating for a while back. The Cox family needs money and FAST! To help them we are holding a RAFFLE! We have some FANTASTIC prizes donated and will be adding more in the next few days. PLEASE signup via email (that nifty little button on your right hand side) to get updates on new items added. Becoming a follower would be nice as well! ONLY $5.00 a ticket. You have terrific odds of winning SOMETHING. Raffle ends July 15th, don't delay, get your tickets TODAY!
Here is a note from Annette...
Folks can mail us a check in order to enter the raffle and also send us an email at ourfivetreasures@yahoo.com letting us know that they are mailing a check, how much the check is for and what raffle items they want to enter. We still need to raise about $13,000 and $9,550 of that is due as soon as we receive our TA (Travel Approval), which should be in the next 3-4 weeks. Thank you so much!! Love, Annette

Purchase tickets by mailing a check to:
Steve Cox
c/o Orange Coast College
2701 Fairview Road
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

There is no ChipIn available for this raffle, because under PayPal's "Acceptable Use Policy" they will not allow us to use PayPal / ChipIn to send or receive payments for activities that involve an entry fee and a prize, such as raffles, drawings or lotteries. If you have any questions, Please email me atBeautyForAshes5@att.net Together lets BRING KADEN HOME! Alida w5

Jul 2, 2011

HELP! Deadline approaching/MUST WATCH VIDEO!!

If you want to grow in your walk with the Lord, please watch this video. It is the best eye opening 7 minute video I've seen. It.will.change.your.life! I promise. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWHJ6-YhSYQ
Depraved Indifference

Dear Friends,
Thank you to the many who have generously donated toward my fundraising goal! I am in the final stretch of fundraising and need to hit my goal by July 5th. (3 days) I have an urgent prayer request. My heart has been moved, my spirit has been stirred. I have recently been diagnosed with a very serious very chronic disorder. It's called O.O. D. ( Obsessive Orphan Disorder) Sufferers of O.O.D. typically suffer loss of sleep thinking about the153 million children without parents, lack of appetite thinking about the many children that wondering where next meal will come from, and heart issues when feeling led to do something about it! There are several courses of treatment for O.O.D. 1) Is to go personally and "Visit orphans" ( James 1:27) This temporarily alleviates the Symptoms. The only real cure for O.O.D sufferers is adoption. I've dreamed of going to Africa to assist orphans since I was a little girl in fostercare. I've been given the opportunity to go w/ Ordinary Hero to ETHIOPIA in 2 weeks! (TWO SHORT WEEKS!!) It seems totally illogical and even CRAZY given our present circumstance. I am stepping out in faith that God will provide every single penny needed to go! I am ALMOST FULLY FUNDED! I need just a bit more. Brittany Buttram and I need about $1500 between the two of us! The TICKETS have been purchased. If we don't come up with the remainder needed by July 5th, ( 3 days) Brittany and I don't travel! Please help us help ORPHANS and donate today!!! THANK YOU, Alida w5
To donate visit https://www.visitingorphans.org/donations/donate.aspx It will ask "Would you like to designate this donation to a specific team member?" PLEASE REMEMBER to click "YES" and type in "ALIDA RODRIGUEZ" then shoot me an email letting me know you did! Many thanks for your prayers and support -- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!

We also appreciate supplies for the children such as;
*warm clothing,
*light weight jackets,
*diaper cream,
*close toed shoes,
*clothing for children ages 10-15. (older kids can sometimes be forgotten)

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