May 21, 2008

We attended a Foster Care Prayer Vigil

I debated on whether or not to attend the Prayer Vigil and am glad that we did. I didn't know if kids were allowed but I am accustomed to schlepping my children with me EVERYWHERE, so we all went. For those that are curious, you can go to to set one up in your area, or this to know how to pray specifically for the needs of children.

We broke off into groups and prayed for one page at a time... so for 10 minutes we all took turns praying the workers, next was the families birth and foster ( that the Lord would raise up more and heal the broken ones, next was the children and all the issues that they face, the support that is needed, lastly was the church. ( that many would volunteer, pray, take action, and/or foster. That the church would step up and that church leaders would launch ministries for orphans and waiting children. Prayed that believers all over would be consumed with passion for the children in foster care (and orphans) and would make themselves available to how God would use them. Also to ask God what He would have US do in relation to the foster care system and the people it serves! There are MANY ways to volunteer or help out, including (but not limited too) fostering and adoption, Mentoring, gift giving..

We were able to pray for individual families and children in the system and those that aged out that are struggling. It was wonderful to hear the people pouring their hearts out on behalf of the hurting children and those aging out with no family. I wish the church would provide support for those that just need a mentor as they have already become adults. I pray that each hurting child would come to know the All sufficient One that can meet ALL OF THEIR NEEDS. SO many children, so many stories. It is overwhelming to me, but not to our Heavenly Father.

I was able to meet some really neat caring people. One precious man was so burdened for these children he prayed with such fervency & with tears before the Lord. It was beautiful. I spoke with him afterward and he shared that after he retired, he felt led to give back for all the he had been blessed with and mentored a couple of boys from YMCA. Afterward he felt led to start up a group called "All God's Children" that sets up children with mentors!(from his church) He just got paired with another boy and he sees it as mission work. He says it blesses him greatly! What a servant.

I met another gal who asked why I was there. I mentioned that I found them through ( I LOVE focus on the family, Shaohannah's Hope and others are really starting a movement for the cause of the widow and the orphan!) Glory to God! I feel this is the beginning of something huge. May the Lord raise up mighty prayer warriors and those to mentor, volunteer or financially help these kids. If everyone steps up and does even a small part, MUCH can be done. Many hands make work light.

I shared with the gal my heart and how I myself have been in foster care and now we are adopting. She took my info and told me how blessed some of the youth would be to hear me come and speak about my experience. I am thrilled! I have such a burden for them. My own mother aged out not getting any support. This is how I ended up in the same system that she was raised in. We will see how God uses this. It is all in His hands to be lead by Him. I would love to give back all the support and encouragement that have received from all of you through the years. I'll keep you updated. Please pray for my children if you will. i know they are out there, I am not sure if they'll be the ones the Lord will bring to us. I think of them often and my heart swells with love when I think of them. I would love to call them my own but I wait on the Lord to reveal His plans for us. Love to you all. Alida


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