May 19, 2008

Rodriguez Family Mission Statement

Every family ought to have a FAMILY MISSION STATEMENT! I learned about making one from a neat parenting class at Rock Harbor Church! You can Google "FAMILY MISSION STATEMENT" and get ideas on how to make one, what it should include and read others. Here is ours! Put it up in a place where you can see it often. People will hold you accountable to what you say you stand for!( I consider that a good thing) Rodriguez Family Mission Statement

We are God honoring SPIRIT LED family. We vow to grow continually In Jesus, knowing Christ, and making Him known. We want to nurture our children to have a radical passionate faith and to have obedient, teachable, seeking hearts by setting the example. We home educate with the purpose of instilling God’s truth and a LIFELONG love for learning. We want a GRACE based joyful home where the Spirit of God is present and the Love of God and each other is overflowing! We are: (spirit led acronyms)

W alking in truth. Winning soul’s for Jesus, having a heart of Worship to our Lord.
E ternally minded. Fixing our eyes on Jesus the author and finisher of our faith.

A ccountable to God. Allowing Christ to reign the headship of our home.
R ightly dividing the word of truth. We will study and be ready to give an

E quipping ourselves and our children by teaching our children God’s word precept upon Precept.

S ervants. We will be a family of service within our family and the world around
us. Set apart. We are holy, be not conformed to this world but transformed by the
renewing of our mind.

P raying for one another. Bearing one another’s burdens. As Christ Said. “My
house will be a house of prayer.

I nheritance. Our children undeserved unqualified blessings from God.
R ecognizing that unless the Lord builds the home, they labor in vain who build

R eflecting LIGHT into every dark situation.
I nstilling honor, integrity. Righteous living by example.
T otally dependent on God. Teachable. Seeking Gods will and wisdom.
L IFE GIVING!Loving the Lord With all of our heart, soul, mind and strength
Loving one another with unconditional love. We are Lifelong Learners!

E difying and encouraging. Examining everything carefully in order to abstain
from evil while holding on to what is good

A ccepting. Always present, affirming one another.
D ependence on the provision and leading of our Lord. We are a discipling
family, holy and set apart for his purposes.



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