May 5, 2008

The Power of One

The Power of One

Featured Article:
The Power of One
by Elisabeth K. Corcoran

"I look at the enormity of the problem and I can't help but
think, 'What can one person do?'" It's occurred to me that
I used to think that way but I don't anymore. One person
can do much.

One person can pray with all she's got, begging God to
intervene in any situation, to pour out His power, to give
her wisdom to know what she can and should do. One person
can give of her time in a way that will be a sacrifice to
her and of great benefit to others. One person can give
money -- even a little bit of money -- and that money can
be added to what others have given and then multiplied when
God steps in.

One person can call attention to an issue that is usually
talked about in hushed tones -- making people aware of
something they may have had no idea about. One person can
enter into the darkness, carrying her little bit of light,
and shed great illumination where only dim shadows used to
dwell. One person can touch another person's life in small
ways -- with a kind word, a gentle touch, a moment of time
to listen and hold and cry with. One person can take her
gifts and pour them out into someone else's life, knowing
that freely has she received and freely should she give.

One person can take her hurt and ask Christ to turn it into
a blessing as she connects with the pain of another hurting
heart. One person can move into another person's life in
large ways -- with a shout against injustice, a rallying of
a group to do something of meaning, a hand reaching out to
draw someone out of her circumstances permanently.

Moms, we're told time and again that we as women have the
ability to set the tone of our home. That our daughters
will learn how to be women and mothers by watching and
modeling after us, and that our sons will grow up to look
for wives that mirror their mothers. We have been given not
just the ability, but the responsibility, to do great good.
One life at a time. In our home. And in our world.

This year - 2008 -- can be the year that we allow our "one
life" to do a world of good for someone else's life. What
can one person do in comparison to the vastness of our
world's problems? Each one of us can do much. We each have
so much to give. And we are called to do just that.

"Pure and lasting religion in the sight of God our Father
means that we must care for those in their distress."
James 1:27

My challenge to myself and to each one of you is this: go
be a light in the dark in this New Year, ladies.


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