May 21, 2008

Foster Care Prayer Vigil May 19-25, 2008

I just wanted to ask, if you can, please consider throughout this week, praying for the children in foster care. You can read more about it at this site. It doesn't take long but makes such a difference. I don't think I would be here today if it weren't for the many that MUST have been praying for me as I grew up in foster care. The children affect us all. Troubled children become troubled adults and that affects all levels of society! to find a vigil nearest you. Did you know 30 percent of our nations homeless were in foster care? On behalf on those without a voice trapped in fostercare, Thank you.

Foster Care Prayer Vigil
Many kids in foster care feel like they don’t have a prayer…

Let’s change that

This year, Focus on the Family, FamilyLife’s Hope for Orphans, and Shaohannah’s Hope are working together to sponsor the first National Foster Care Prayer Vigil. It will be held the week of May 19-25, 2008 in conjunction with National Foster Care Month.

Children come into the United States foster care system for various reasons, including neglect, abuse, abandonment, and substance abuse by their primary caretakers. These children are frequently placed with complete strangers and are then all too often forgotten by society. This time of unity and prayer among churches nationwide is intended to send a strong message that God has not forgotten these children and that the church can no longer stand silently on the sidelines. We recognize that not only do the children themselves need prayer, but so do the adults in their lives – their birth families, their foster families, and their social workers.

During the weeklong event, Christians will gather in churches in numerous cities across the nation to pray for the children and adults involved in the United States foster care system. We believe as followers of Christ nationwide join their voices and ask God to do mighty things for this nation’s foster children, He will be faithful to respond.

As the Lord continues to call our nation’s churches to join Him in ministry for hurting children, He wants us to remember the foster children in our own communities. We believe that prayer is the first step in seeing a revival among the church in its response to the needs of foster children. Local champions are poised and ready to lead the effort – we simply need to provide the tools and coordination for them to do so…and that is what we plan, with God’s grace, to do with the National Foster Care Prayer Vigil.

-Paul Pennington, Ex. Dir. of FamilyLife’s Hope for Orphans

Churches are encouraged to choose the night that works best for them and others in their city during the week of May 19-25. To make it as easy as possible, a Prayer Vigil Guide has been created that churches can use to help direct prayer times. You can download a free PDF by clicking here or order multiple copies here. For more information or to register a vigil in your city, visit


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