May 26, 2008

Please pray for a family for this sibling set! PLEASE!

Many of you know my heart for adoption. I was once in foster care and it was a horrible experience. not only because I was removed from my mother which is traumatizing, but because I was placed with an abusive foster mother. I believe the Lord is placing it on many hearts and is raising up many Christian families to adopt these children. Please keep us in prayer as we are seeking to adopt a sibling set that is really on our hearts. There is a special sibling set of believing children that I'd love to ask prayer for and I am also hoping that you will forward this information to anyone who might be interested in adopting from foster care, also to the prayer warriors that you know. Many times God uses godly Christians to change the lives of the helpless forever. Did you know that Dave Thomas of Wendy's was adopted ?( I believe from foster care) He has a HUGE organization that gives free info and offers assistance for those considering fostering and or adopting. Anyhoo, this sibling set is available for adoption. There are 7 of them including a set of twins. They are in Oklahoma but it is possible to adopt them from any state. Did you know that when you adopt from foster care, the children get free medical and dental AND FREE EDUCATION at both college AND university? You get to experience the rewarding joy of loving a child and changing the course of their lives for the better. You get to add to your family! You would probably get assistance with foster care funds until the adoption is finalized and you may qualify to get Adoption Assistance Funds even after you adopt. (though obviously money shouldn't be THE reason. There are many unsavory characters that foster for money. ) I pray that these children would find a strong loving Christian home with people who truly love them and help them meet their full potential in Christ. (and that isn't doing it "just for the money." Here are the cute kiddos. They are SO precious. Please pray them into a good home. My heart breaks for them I can't imagine my children being separated from one another for any amount of time. :-) Please also let me know if any of you adopt them. Some amazing family will be abundantly blessed by these children! or Thank you, Bless you, Alida w4 Below at the end of this article is a link with info of another young teen that needs a home. A dispruption from Haiti, she lives in thge US, at her site you can find out about other disruptions which are in he US with kids from ukriane, Russia and other places you'd typically ghave to pay $30,000 to adopt a child from. Perhaps this would be a blessing for someone wanting international but that cannot afford it?

Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption is a nonprofit public charity dedicated to dramatically increasing the adoptions of the more than 150000 children in ... North America's foster care systems waiting to be adopted. Created by Wendy's founder, Dave Thomas, who was adopted as a child, the Foundation leads signature national service programs and works to streamline the adoption process and make adoption more affordable for families. As the only foundation dedicated exclusively to foster care adoption, we are driven by Dave's simple value: Do what's best for the child. Read more...
Edward, & Demetreus , ( Both age 8) Darious , ( age 6) Daryonna , ( age 5) Dorian , ( age 4 ) Deja , ( age 3 ) Dejuana , ( age 2)
Edward, Age:8 Gender:M State:Oklahoma

Are you interested in a special, spectacular, sensational sibling group of 7? Well there is such a group whose names are Edward, Demetreus, Darious, Daryonna, Dorian, De'Ja, and Dejuana. These siblings are currently placed in separate foster homes (some together) but all desperately want to be placed together. Edward is the oldest of the bunch that has a lot of personality and a great smile. He enjoys drawing, school, his Bible, video games, and board games. He is an excellent eater and will eat just about anything. He could take better care of his possessions but has good follow through with his hygiene when reminded. Edward shows affection through hugs and does well with animals. He also does well in school with encouragement and guidance. Like most children Edward needs to be cared for with love and closeness and needs the reassurance that he is cared for.

DemetreusAge:8 Gender:M
These siblings are currently placed in separate foster homes (some together) but all desperately want to be placed together. Demetreus is next in line and is a very smart and inquisitive child. He is a fun loving child who enjoys his doctor’s books and wrestling toys. He enjoys pets and takes fair care of his possessions. He has very good eating habits, is very neat, and takes good care of his personal hygiene. Demetreus shows affection through hugs and kisses and loves attention and affection in return. Demetreus needs a family to provide structure and consistent supervision.

Darious Age:6
Darious follow’s up with a great deal of personality and a good attitude. He enjoys his Spiderman books, Batman toys, videos and his scooter. He is a very good eater and has no favorite foods. He has good personal hygiene and takes good care of his possessions for a child his age. Darious enjoys pets and shows his affection through hugs and kisses. He will also sit on the laps of his caregivers as a sign of affection. Darious loves people, loves to be hugged and kissed, and needs nurturing from his family.

Daryonna Age:5 Daryonna is the oldest girl who is known as a very nurturing child. She has high self- confidence and is very well mannered. She also loves to learn and keep busy. She is very prone to toys that she can try to figure out how they work. She enjoys books, play learning toys and painting. Daryonna has a desire to take dance in the future. She takes very good care of her personal hygiene, does not like to be dirty and does not like to get boo boo’s. She is a very good eater and loves animals. She shows affection through hugs, kisses, and verbal comments. Daryonna also has a good cooperation level. Daryonna loves attention and needs a family that can provide that for her.
Dorian Age:4 Dorian is the youngest of the boys who is very loveable and has a great memory. He loves trucks, books, and the movie “Cars.” He is currently learning how to clean up and often sings the clean up song when picking up his toys. He is beginning to be very inquisitive about food and about if certain things can be eaten. Dorian does well with pets and shows his affection through hugs and kisses. Dorian can be very active and does great playing by himself. Dorian needs a family to be very patient and affectionate.
Deja Age:3 De’ Ja is the next to the youngest child who is very intelligent and very easily entertained. De’Ja loves dolls and will play with any kind of doll. She also likes anything with buttons or any learning toy. Being inquisitive and intelligent, De’Ja likes to try to figure out how things work and will attempt to take things apart and put them back together again. She takes good care of her possessions and hygiene for her age. She also loves to eat her vegetables before her main meal. De’Ja loves animals and shows her affection to others through hugs and kisses. De’Ja has an appropriate cooperation level for her age but needs a lot of attention.
Dejuana Age:2 Dejuanna is the baby of the bunch. She is very independent, easily entertained, and has the ability to play by herself. At this point Dejuanna is more interested in learning how to walk than playing with toys. However when playing with toys, she will go after anything that her sister, De’Ja is playing with. Dejuaana has a good appetite, likes anything that she can feed herself, and also likes eating her vegetables before her main dinner. Dejuanna shows affection through hugs and kisses and also loves pets. She has an appropriate attention span for her age and needs a patient home, and time to warm up to new situations.

Disrupted Haitian adoption/beautiful girl! I was checking out waiting children when I saw this precious beautiful gem! I saw this child and wanted to post it here. I am not on any other Haitian groups, so if you feel compelled, pass it on, or if you feel led, pray and see if she might be right for you family! Bless you, Alida w4

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Brittany was born in Haiti on 3-12-93 and has been in the USA for 2 years. She was adopted along with her birth brother and a friend from the same orphanage. She maintains contact with her birth family in Haiti, which is important to her. Brittany continues to identify heavily with her Haitian culture and maintains her native language.

Brittany is in the 8 th grade in ESL and special education classes. She is significantly behind in her studies, primarily reading at a 2 nd grade level. Brittany struggles at times to remember what she learns. She has a hard time making friends and is shy. Brittany has low self-esteem and has problems with depression for which is medicated. At times, she can be oppositional when she feels depressed or bad about herself.

Brittany loves to cook and can style and braid hair in a very artistic manner. She needs a family that is willing to help her feel better about herself and will help her reach her potential academically. She is a sweet girl who needs a loving family that will commit to her to adulthood and beyond.

For more information please call 330-665-1811


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