Mar 31, 2008

Got to see Heidi Baker!

If you have read the book "there's always enough" by Heidi barker,than you know it was quite a treat that i got to see her thisevening! They did an evangelism /worship gathering at USC. They had aconcert and skits. It is a different kind of crowd. Many are likeDavid that dance before the Lord. it was WONDERFUL! I just admire herso much for her work~! They lived in Indonesia and England and otherplaces and ministered to not just the well to do or decent people,but to the drug addicted, the homeless, the prostitute, theuntouchables! Many came to God. When they go minister to people, theywould always live in the same ghetto places, slums like whoever theyministered to! That is how they'd gain their trust!

Then with only like 30 bucks in her pocket, she and her hubby went toMozambique. There they changed the nation by stopping for each andevery single orphan or person diseased or not, that came their way(many a times catching lice, scabies etc from holding and lovingthem. and it has sprung into an organization that has started 9000churches in the bush across the Africa and the WORLD! They feed about7000 kids a day, plus many others! Many times they didn't have enoughfood for the kids but they'd pray about it and the Lord wouldmultiply the food like in the gospels.They train up many pastors and encourage each pastor to adoptanywhere form 1-10 orphans and disciple them and trains them IN ADDITION to the other pastoral duties that they have! It is workingand many orphans are finding homes and being raised up to continue ontheir fathers work! AMEN! you can sign up to pray with them or www.iris.orgI am so inspired! They Baker family did all these mighty exploits forHim with two children of their own and adopted TONS AND TONS oforphans! It gives me hope that I or at least my children willdedicate their lives to minister to others and reach out to thoseshunned and forgotten by society. I got to see kids tonight that weregrown adults that were ministering to others, they had been snatchedfrom the clutches of death and starvation and put into a lovingfamily! It was just so cool!

Funny thing, folks kept coming up to usto pray for us. Once for my hubby and I, one for me, then someonefelt so moved to pray for the kids. She felt the call of God uponthem strongly.A gal came up and asked what we are praying for. My hubby said we arepraying to adopt! ( i just LOVE to hear him say that! The Lord hasworked in his heart in amazing ways!) Anyhoo she said something tothe extent of the Lord making us like Abraham, a great nationnumerous as the stars. If any of you know my heart, you know I wouldLOVE to have like 10 or 15 adopted children in addition to howevermany the Lord would give us. Anyways, I just love hearing about folksthat were blind getting healed, those that were dead being raised. Itis convicting that Jesus said that those thing that He did we wouldalso do, but greater. I have yet to lay hands on a blind, deaf orparalytic and have those things happen. ;-( Lord do I have to moveinto some 3rd world country to do that? or can I PLEASE do it fromthe comforts of my own home! <---only partly kidding. be blessed and inspired to move deeper in yourwalk ladies winning souls for jesus! love, Alida


Anonymous said...

Hi! ~~Yes, I have read her book & it is so inspiring & gives you faith just to read it. I would love to go to another country like this & help a ministry like hers. Do you think tey would take a person with out a degree to just do whatever needs done? I have always since about 11 years old, felt that I would love to do mission work in India, but I have yet to get there or find a ministry that just wants someone who can do general labor. I believe my husband would be open to it too. Would you pray about this for us too? Thanks,

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