Mar 19, 2008

Beginning stages of our Adoption/first support meeting

This is from february 23rd.

The Lord is getting ready to do A NEW thing. I am so excited. I signed up for this So Cal Haitian group that focused on Haiti and African adopted kids. I was invited to attend a function with people form neighboring churches in Orange county that had either already adopted, or were in the process of adopting. It was WONDERFUL! Can I share what I saw... I walked in and saw children from all ethnicities that had been placed in loving homes! This must be what heaven looks like. MANY joyful happy kids form all the colors of God's magnificent Earth! There was a gorgeous little Indian looking girl, I just missed meeting the Ethiopian child. Plenty of black children, Caucasian and mixed. It was so neat! I feel in LOVE with a beautiful little brown skinned curly headed girl that was just gorgeous. Her sweet German father told me that she was a safe haven baby Safe Haven ( ) I rejoiced to see this beautiful child alive and thriving. Her mother chose LIFE for her. In this day and age of convenience and moral relativism a mother thought it wise to give her child a future PRAISE GOD! She seemed to like me and I asked if her if I could take her home, she said yes! hehehe I reminded myself not to covet and that she already HAD a loving home.

I got to meet two families that are adopting from Haiti that I clicked with. One gal, Angela already has three children and wasn't even looking to adopt when God called her to it. God told her to adopt this little girl that has some medical issues. He later told her to ask about her siblings, that the orphanage didn't even know about. Later the birth mother gave birth to another child, a little boy. Some friends that visited the orphanage mentioned that they saw the birth mother of her adopted kids and that she had a baby, and asked if she was interested. She called the orphanage to ask about the baby. the pastor asked her "how did you find to about the baby? " He told her that the birth mother had come to him asking if Angela would be willing to adopt the baby as she is already adopting the siblings. the director said that the didn't want to ask her or she might feel pressured to take that child as well. Instead he told her that he would PRAY that if it was God's will for the baby boy to be adopted by that family, that SOME ONE OTHER THAN HIM would tell them about the baby! AND GOD DID IT! ( isn't He good like that!)

Finally a friend mentioned to Angela about three teens that were about to become too old to be adopted into a loving home and if she would pray for them. She said she would ONLY pray for them as she wasn't looking to adopt a teen. As she prayed for the three teens God spoke to her heart that one of them was her son! She obeyed and went and visited all the children and love EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM! Isn't God good. We both cried at her telling of the story!

The other family I met adopted a cute little African American boy a little younger than my boys. She has a little toddler girl (bio) and is adopting another toddler named Keenan from Haiti. Her hubby spoke passionately that if the adoption was going to take 18 months (as that seems to be how long adoptions are taking for Haiti these days if not LONGER) that he'd move the whole family there and live in Haiti because THAT IS HIS SON! Wow. I was totally inspired!!!! What a sweet wonderful family. Kristen is so sweet, she drives her son all the way across the OC to put him in choir at a black church, so that he'll see people who look like him! AWESOME! They encouraged us as we are in the VERY BEGINNING stages in our adoption journey. I can't wait to see what the Lord will do. I have the feeling it is the beginning of a GREAT thing, a NEW thing. I can't wait to see how the Lord would redeem all that has happened for His WONDERFUL GLORY! Lord have your way! Amen! Alida w4
Thus says the Lord Who made a way through the sea, A path through the mighty waters. Remember not the former things, Neither consider the things of old. Behold, I am doing a new thing, Even now it is springing to light. Do you not perceive it? A way will I make in the wilderness And rivers in the desert! Isaiah 43:16-19.


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