Oct 1, 2004

My Day 9/30/04

Today was good. Woke up exhausted. Addicted to this DANG computer! lol. Went to a class in Yorba Linda with Danine, my pal. The boys are now enrolled in a reading readiness class that they LOVE. It is sort of like preschool. i don't know what I will do. They talk about going to school ALL THE TIME! YEt, I want to Homeschool. Hmm, Lord give me wisdom.

They loved it. it was great. Danine is such a sweetie, she paid for the class for the boys and I! I will pay for Madison's class next time around. I am so blessed to have such a sweet caring awesome friend. It means alot to me since I never had much family. The friends I have are my family, along with my husband and kids of course. The boys ADORE Danine and Madison. They say the love Danine all the time. This all good since Canaan is betrothed to Madison! Goodthing he likes his future mother in law. hehehe.

We came home and took a nap. I just LOVE cuddling up to my sweet precious cuddlebug angel Anaiah. I LOVE co sleeping with her. I get to smell her sweet baby breath, wake up next to her beautiful precious face. OH I just soak up the baby smells like a SPONGE! Give me a baby and I am AT PEACE! I don't know how folks can have just one or two kids. I can't see myself without a baby. guess we'll have a big family.

We woke up and went to the Fullerton Farmers Market with sairyuu (Brooke) her family is so sweet! Her boy is ADORABLE! Gosh he is a cutie. The boys Loved it. I was annoyed, Canaan had to poop so i lugged all the stuff out of the car so he could use the potty back there. He took FOREVER! I was so annoyed. Then I felt all trashy carrying a potty full of poop to a trash can! Trying to be all LOW PRO, but Canaan is waving frantically at everyone going by while hes on his toilet throne. BTW he's partially naked AND waving.

Got home exhuasted, took a nice long hot bath reading my Mothering magazine. PRAISE GOD FOR hot bubble baths! Didn't read my word at all today. Better luck tomorrow. I feel like Superwoman with three kids, how do folks do it with 7 or more ? I'm gonna curl up with my baby and drift off to sleep! All my love, Alida


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Unless someone care's

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