Oct 19, 2004

Filling Up Mama (tips/ideas for self care)

Filling Up Mama:

*spend time in prayer, praise, and Bible reading daily
*listen to Christian music
*spend time with your husband
*watch a movie with your hubby after children have gone to

*take time to snuggle and connect with your children
*watch your children sleep
*nurse your baby
*take a walk (with hubby, children, the whole family, pets, or

*go outside at night and look at stars
*do something pampering for yourself, like a manicure and

*take a long, hot bubble bath with candles lit
*get enough rest*take a family nap
*exercise: do aerobics, lift weights, stretch, use an exercise ball *spend time doing a hobby: scrapbook, knit, crochet, sew,

*stay in your PJs on a Saturday morning and snuggle on the

couch with your children
*have a friend and her children over for breakfast in their PJs
*play in the park with friends.
*drink a cup of coffee/tea
*read a book
*read email or surf the internet*make a cup of coffee and talk

to a loved one or friend
*make a conscious effort to be a blessing to someone around



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Unless someone care's

Unless someone care's

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Our Mighty Arrows