Jul 3, 2010

** HELP! Items Needed for raffle! Adoption fundraiser & vehicle for single mom**


Hi Folks,
Alida here. I am friend of two 2 very terrific families in need. One is my friend Stacy Richards. They are adopting their 5th beautiful babe from China and have only 2 short months to raise up around $10,000 needed to bring him home to his forever family. http://mycupoverfloweth.blogspot.com/ The Second is a friend Laseanda. W. that is a single hardworking mom/ veteran that loves serving others. She desperately needs a vehicle for her and her son.

We are trying to do a fundraiser to raise money to meet the needs of both families. We are looking for things like gift cards, gift certificates, CD's, DVD's, New or near new books and/or other items people would really want.. things that could be sold on Ebay, they even did an Ipad raffle before. Homeschooling items, anything of value is welcomed. Get any gifts that aren't your style? Donate them for good! Do you have a business or home business? Know of a company or people who would want to help? Do you make things like clothes, accessories, diapers, slings, aprons skirts etc?? Things like an item or gift card/certificate from WHATEVER type of business you have would be greatly appreciated. We'd also welcome any donation from HOME businesses Like Etsy, Ebay businesses, Pampered chef, tupperware, melaluca, shaklee, cookie lee, discovery toys, etc. Now you can bless a family with an item or certificate and promote your business at the same time! If nothing else, check out their family blog and donate if you feel led and pass it on to others. Stay Tuned for at MY blog for what is available!!! Please keep them in prayer in the upcoming months! If you'd like to get the kids involved you could do a bake sale, lemonade stand, recycle cans, collect change in baby bottles car wash etc and donate the proceeds! It's the summer and kids love helping others!
Items we already have...
* A Carole joy Seid Seminar (of your choice) Gift Certificate!! Wahoo!
* 2 CD's and a Soap Gift basket from Generation Cedar!
* A gift certificate to Mother Wear ( nursing clothing)
* The Hole in our Gospel
* Brand new parallel amplified Bible
* New stylish back pack bag,
* Vision Forum CD
* Gift certificate to Starbucks
* Solomon Beads (see HERE! )
* Managers of Their Homes from Titus2 Ministries
* Hoping to get a Solomon Shirt
And we are JUST GETTING STARTED!!! The more donations we receive the more you can win!

Also, if you have a good working vehiecle you are not using, I can put you in contact with a WONDERFUL mom that is in need. ( Laseanda)If you have a reliable vehicle you want to sell for supercheap, please let me know and I'll see if we can raise enough to get it for her.

Check out the Richards family blog. http://mycupoverfloweth.blogspot.com/ We may not all be able to adopt but we can ALL help an orphan get HOME! Thanks so much! Pass this on to anyone you think would be interested and/or participate! These items will be sent directly to Stacy Richards.

Alida w5
____________ _________ _________ _________ ___
Some items we HOPE to get are...
Anything by the Botkin ladies, Kay Arthur, Sally Clarkson, Stacy MacDonald, The Harris Family, Voddie Baucham, Ray Comfort, Sm Davis, Wayne Israel, Chuck Smith, Stormie Omartian, Nancy DeMoss, Beth Morre, John Piper, Richard Wurmbrand, Usborne Books,
Any and all gift cards.
Barnes and Noble, Borders, Etc.
a pampered chef gift certificate,
something from Vision Forum,
A Lamplighter book,
perhaps the Noah Websters dictionary,
restaurant gift certificates etc...
Itunes gift cards
A free class of anything
Something from Dream Dinners
Gas Cards.
A Certificate to Christian Book.com
A Certificate to Timberdoodle Open to Suggestions


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