Jul 9, 2010

Results from the Bone Marrow Donor Testing/Josiah Updates

Update on Josiah!

Ladies, Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I try not to dwell on his diagnoses much but I realize that keeps a great many of you praying saints out of the Loop. Forgive me. I wanted to share. Josiah is doing GREAT! He hasn't needed a transfusion since February! His platelet numbers just keep climbing and climbing. He is not near normal but he isn't transfusion dependent or hospital bound so that works for me! I believe he is HEALED! I believe the turning point for us is we had the AMAZING team from Bethel lay hands on him. We also prayed for healing at an Arthur Blessit event. ( we got to touch the cross that has been ALL OVER the WORLD! I just needed to be around people that had hope the Lord would heal him. I need encouragement that He could and would heal Him. I really feel that the Lord has given me the prophetic word that he would be healed by the simple fact that Josiah means -whom God has healed.

As you recall our WHOLE Family went in to get tested to see if any of us were a match for Josiah. ALL SEVEN of us. I was saddened to learn that not one single person is a match for Josiah. Can you BELIEVE it? I couldn't believe it! I actually asked her if she had the wrong paperwork, because I couldn't see HOW it was possible that none of us were a match AT ALL! Each child has a 25% chance of being a match. The only match within our whole family is Canaan with Hezekiah. They are complete matched with each other, but Josiah does not have a single solitary match among any of the members of our family. I am told that unrelated donor matches are RISKY. I was pretty down about it. I felt as though the wind were knocked out of me and was paralyzed by the result. Until I realized that God had removed my plan B. As in my prayers went from "God PLEASE heal my sweet darling son, and if you chose not to, we'll do the Bone marrow Transplant." To the same fervent prayer of desperation that most of the world does that doesn't have the medical care that we do. The "whom do I have in heaven but you," only YOU can make my son well. By the power of your precious blood Jesus please make my son well and cause his bone marrow to function properly and remove whatever is in his system that is causing his bone marrow to be destroyed. Lord restore his body to perfect health."

I am such a planner and a striver. The Lord removed that weight off my shoulders that thinks I can somehow scheme and fix it. I then rebuked the results the doctor gave us. The enemy wanted me to get focused on the fact that he doesn't have a donor when my son is already healed! So we just praise the Lord and thank him daily for doing such great changes in our son and refuse to let anyone or any circumstance rob us of our joy in Jesus. I am overcome with joy thinking about how free we have been though this whole ordeal. My son has only been hospitalized TWICE! This is UNHEARD of in the Aplastic Anemia community. If you read the posts of those on my blog with this disease they are constantly quarantined, hospitalized, sickly. I just read of a sweet boy with AA that passed away. My son is happy, healthy, full of energy and blessed. I do not know how the Lord will use this experience for His glory, but I know he has ordered my steps! I know that there is a purpose for ALL of it and my job is not to understand or figure it out, but simply to TRUST! The Lord is so good! Huatzin has been working for about 1 month now. We are trying to budget again ( which was impossible to do when he wasn't earning ANYTHING!) Now to get back into the Dave Ramsey style gazelle bill paying/saving emergency fund. On to trying to save up for a house AGAIN, and a 15 passenger van or turtletop bus, along with paying off our MOUNTAIN of medical bills. He is able to do abundantly above all that we can asked or think! Thank you for the love, support and encouragement and prayers! YOU and all the saints are what has kept my sweet son out of the hospital! (along with extended nursing) Bless you, In Christ, Alida w5


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