Nov 30, 2009

My Dream House

I often wonder why many are blessed with huge homes that are selfish don't care about the orphan or the poor, OR ANYONE ther than themselves. People with mega houses without ANY children, or only 1 or 2! Oh that there hearts would be pricked with the sadness and longing of 143,000 million orphan children worldwide that are without anyone to look after them, feed them, clothe them and love them. I also wonder why so many can so easily bear children that they don't want them & abort or will chose drugs and sin over their precious children when many stable Christ loving folks can't give birth at all. His ways are not our ways THAT'S FOR SURE.

I pray that we'd be able to get even a decent home that would meet the requirements for us to adopt a sibling set from foster-care. (they allow no more than two people to a room)

I have ALWAYS dreamed, since childhood of adopting many little ones of all colors and raising them in God's love, truth and peace. ( since my own little dealings in foster care and shelters as a youth) We are prayerfully waiting on the Lord for guidance with this. We want to rescue children from foster-care and also internationally, and from any mother that would otherwise abort her baby. We pray the Lord will bring the right children and /or sibling set to our family. While we are praying we are praying for our dream home as well. We are asking for provision for

* A 12 or 15 passenger van (anyone want to trade)our packed to the gills Kia Sedona for a 12 or 15 seater van? Anyone want to downgrade?
* A preferably single story home
* At least 4, but hopefully 5 or more bedrooms,
* Located in or near Orange County, pretty much any city in or near OC works for me. ;)
* Room enough for a garden, fruit trees, playground, some chickens ( I won't get a rooster and make your neighbors hate me! honest!) and two pygmy dairy goats. ;-)for city goats I believe that means the goats need to be 100 ft away from any neighboring house. Niah is still holding out for a miniature pony, but I'd be thrilled with dairy goats. Why dairy goats you may ask.. do you KNOW how much money it is buying raw milk for a family of 7? $8.99HALF gal.enough said!
* AFFORDABLE for us. How the Lord would meet all of those classifications and make it affordable is beyond me, but since He own the cattle on 1000 hills, He can.
*It would be really NICE if the neighbors didn't steal from my children, but that isn't a requirement, can be overlooked! ;-)

SOOO.. if you know of anybody that wants to sell a home to a family starting out with absolutely NO EQUITY, for WAY cheaper ( yes cheaper) than your awesome home is worth) go ahead and shoot us an email! ;-) Any takers? ANYONE??? Bueller? Bueller?


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