Nov 17, 2009

The bone marrow biopsy/aspiration went well

I never got back to many of you regarding Josiah, Josiah, who just recently turned 3! The bone marrow biopsy went wonderfully. Sweet Brenda watched all the children including baby Hezekiah. He sees her so often so he was comfortable going to her and she did such an outstanding job with him. Apparently he just smiled the whole time. Josiah did great. He is such an amazing kid. He was perfectly fine! He is such a trooper. Waiting...
And waiting...

It took the THIRD time of the nurse digging around his around trying to find a vein to put the line in before he began to get sad. I would have cried the first second. :-) Apparently he is such a laid back kid they use him to practice on for the inexperienced, I'd assume as most of the other nurses have always been able to put in a line easily and quickly. It was a bit gruesome for me to watch however.
Josiah a bit nervous..
Just give me my sword and I'll be OK!

It was so adorable, when he came too, he kept saying "Mamaaaaaa" and I'd say yes? He's smile still under the drugs.. "Maaa Maaaaaaaa" I'd say yes? He'd look around.
" MaaaaaMeeeeee!" Over and over. Then he turned to me and said " Mommy, you have two eyes! (sort of surprised) " ( his way of saying 4 eyes) I'd say " oh do I? Then he said" Mommy you have two eyes, " (sort of snickering) then he turned to me in horror with a disgusted sort of look in his eye. "MAMA, you have TWO EYES!!!" he kept saying it over and over again. The nurse and doctor and I started giggling. I have NO idea what I must of looked like, but to him it must have been quite trippy/freaky/WEIRD! Afterward they gave him a very cute puppy blanket that volunteers must have made, and let him choose a toy. ( He chose a puppy toy) and sent us on our way. We returned home to well cared for children and a happy baby. Brenda even managed to do SCHOOL with the kids! Is she awesome or what? Thanks for the prayers! Bless you,
Alida & Rodriguez Family


The Crecelius' said...

So glad everything went so well. Is he cute with that sword or what :).

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