Oct 6, 2009

Praise in the midst of the storm/Counting my blessings

Our family is experiencing quite a severe hardship right now. I won't into all the details. If you happen to think of us, please pray for Josiah's healing and for a job for Huatzin and the Lord's immediate provision. I will say that when times like this happen it is so good to meditate on the Lords goodness. Job said " do we accept only good from the Lord and not evil?" The Lord said in this world we will have tribulation, but that He has overcome the world. Sometimes my spirit feels drained and totally sapped of all strength. I am at a loss. I can't think of my circumstance because I immediately feel a sense of panic and dread. At those times I take my eyes off of my situation and focus on all that the Lord has done. All the ways He has showed His self mighty and strong on our behalf.

I was just thinking of what a blessing it has been that we seemed to be spared this terrible fate with Josiah. Doctors were certain he had cancer and God in His mercy and his goodness removed that yoke from around his body and from our family. He was cleared of it while many we spoke to while we were there were diagnosed with it. Thank you Lord for your mercy.

Thank you Lord for your provision. The thought of trying to pay for banking the cord blood with a husband unable to find work was so overwhelming. I had no idea HOW we could pay for that every month. A sweet friend encouraged us to sign up and to trust God to provide. My sweet friend Erin posted my situation to everyone she knew. I put it on my Baby registry.. In fact, it is the ONLY thing I registered for. I knew that friends would probably want to donate in lieu of a gift for our baby, but I was so unprepared for the WHOLE AMOUNT to be payed off! In only about a months time! Praise God. What's more many of the names on my registry were names of people I didn't even know! People who felt led to pray for OUR family and to help! Can you believe it! Who is God that He should be mindful of ME? Thank you so much, each of you that helped us with the Cord blood banking. I've said it once, but I'll say it again, we literally couldn't have done it without you!

Another way we were SUPER blessed is when Stacy Richards gathered snacks for our family for when we were at or visiting the hospital. People from our Homeschool group pitched in. Its little things like that that made the load a little lighter. Thank you. Sweet Stacy went on to do a raffle for our family. I get tears in my eyes when I think about all the effort she put into it. I was so horrified/embarassed at the thought. But we asked for God's provision and I realized that when you ask of the Lord, you should rejoice at however he chooses to answer, even if it totally humbles you to accept help. I was so blessed with all those that donated items for the raffle. Some I knew some I didn't even know and probably wont meet this side of heaven. Thank you ladies. (My THANK YOU comment was deleted on Stacy's site, so I'll put it here) I thanked Stacy profusely but words didn't seem enough! All of this while she is going threw a pretty severe financial hardship herself! One day we spoke and she told me her dryer died, her ipod was stolen along with her computer, her toilet cracked, her iron died and a bunch of other things. All this while helping out OUR family. Someone even donated the hair bows that they won. They wanted them to go to Anaiah. She wears them EVERYDAY!

STEFFANY thank you for all of your prayers and encouraging words and your help. Thank you Stacy for all you have done to bless our family and for sharing our story with so many! We have been so encouraged by you and all of your sweet friends that have emailed us, prayed for us. The adoption community is a passionate Christ serving caring group of people that are so used to reaching out to others, your love of Christ and His people BRIGHTLY SHINES! Thank you all that donated to our family for the raffle, both the items that were raffled off and the donations! I don't know everyone that donated but we THANK you for thinking of us! It is encouraging to know that the body of Christ is there for us! We can't wait to be able to bless others back when we are able. Just thinking about our answered prayer has blessed me. Peace and JOY in Jesus! Alida w5


*Overflowing* said...

My sweet friend...I love you girl! It was ALL the Lord's leading...I'm just thankful I listened and obeyed. What a blessing to watch the Lord move and provide...so awesome!

Long story why that post got deleted..still trying to figure out how to retrieve it! HUGS girly!

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