Oct 8, 2009

Counting my blessings Part 2

I once heard a sermon about the staff. Thy rod, Thy staff they comfort me.. Whenever a shepherd overcame an attack or trial or felt the Lord spared them from something, he would carve it into his staff. When he would sit alone and begin to grow weary, he would lean on his staff for strength or look at the markings and remember all that they Lord delivered him from. I am going to give thanks to remember all that the Lord has done for us. Other than the OBVIOUS of helping Josiah improve healthwise...

The Lord answered our prayers a few months ago in an amazing way. We were checking out alternative ways to heal Josiah and the class I took and all the literature I read mentioned a certain product that would greatly help our son. I wanted to get it before but could never afford it. I asked my Husband and showed him information on how it helps aid in healing and he hesitated as we couldn't afford it. He said pray about it. I did, I felt really strongly that we were being led to get it as it as a natural way to heal Josiah. I went to check the mail, and behold their was a certified letter! ;-) I opened it up and it was a LARGE sum of money from Vineyard La Habra. I thought we were mistaken and was astonished as we looked at the pile of money. It was a true miracle and answer to prayer.

1) the fact that God used a CHURCH body that we didn't even KNOW existed, that somehow heard about us and God laid it on their heart to meet a financial need in our family just blew me away. The other MIRACLE is that it actually got to us! For some reason our mail always gets delivered to our neighbors! CONSTANTLY and vice versa. We are forever running mail back as it's constantly delivered to a wrong address. The fact that that HUGE envelope untouched is just a testament to God's mercy! We were so grateful at that timely gift for our family and our kids were SO AMAZED that they got to SEE God answer a prayer for provision so immediately an obviously. I am not sure who passed our information on but you are in our prayers and we thank you, all of you!

One time that I mentioned was when I was so weary at the hospital and feeling so low. On the way to shower a nurse stopped me and asked me if my son was Josiah and I was Alida. I replied yes. She said " well we have been praying for your family. I go to CCEA! " It was at that same timely moment that I was feeling overwhelmed and completely weary that HE sent someone to remind us that we were loved and not forgotten and that He cares for us. I cry just thinking about how that encouraging word blessed us. Sweet lady, I was to tired too get your name but I thank God for you!

Another blessing was that we finally went to the park for the first time since being hospitalized. I was a bit stressed and exhausted. I came home and people from a group I am in came by and FILLIED my home with FOOD while we were gone! We could hardly store it! I could hardly believe my eyes, it was ALL foods our family eats. and if THAT wasn't blessing enough, they left a check too. sniff sniff. Nurys, food fairy, you are an ANGEL, so are all you sweet sisters from Pizza Nights, and Contenders and Keepers of the Faith group that ppitched in. Some of whom I didn't even yet know. You have NO idea how overjoyed we were! THANK YOU!

THANK you also to my amazing mentor mama Rhonda V that brought us food over as well, TWICE! I look forward to being able to bless you back someday! Thank you also to the precious Lynch family that gave us gift cards. Your kindness is so appreciated! Dear Hersey family thank you for inviting us out and paying for us to go to the Basic Life Institute Seminar! You were an answer to pray for guidance, wisdom and direction. We were SO abundantly blessed beyond measure. We learned so much. Thank you also for ALL the ways you've blessed our family, especially with your friendship! Words cant express our gratefulness. Truly Thank you doesn't seem enough. Thank you also to our tiny little home church that blessed our family in such a great way with the unexpected financial gift for our family and the many many prayers for Josiah and odd jobs you've given Huatzin! May the Lord repay your kindness! Thank you also to Lydia Sheer ( sp?) of the families of South Coast Christian Home Educators that I guess partnered with the Mount of Olives Church that blessed us with a financial gift! What an unexpected blessing that came in such a timely close to the wire moment! I can't believe you would think of of family and wish to help us!

This has been such a long season of uncertainty for us, and total dependence on the Lord. Thanks to you many sweet people that have looked around your home and found things for my hubby to work on to put his skills to work. Men love to work and they can feel so defeated if they feel like there aren't doing something productive. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! We feel so cared for and appreciative. We hope to be able to comfort those the way we have been comforted in the future. May His peace, presence and face shine upon you all. Thank you for caring for the least of these! Even more so, thank you to all that prayed with us and for us. In Jesus, Love the Rodriguez family.


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