Nov 1, 2008

The Rodriguez Family has some family news!

Josiah (our family mascot and spokesperson) has an important ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE.

Did you get it? Or did it go over your head? We are excited and thrilled to be welcoming number 5 at the Rodriguez Refuge!! Sign up for adoption and the Lord gives you more bio kids! We prayed to be made fruitful and to be multiplied and the Lord is faithful to do just that. The Lord is so good! Children are truly a blessing from the Lord!

The day before my son turned 2 I felt a nausea that wouldn't go away in the evening. I just had this peace that I was pregnant. Sure enough on my little guys birthday, Oct 17th. I took at cheap test purchased at the 99cents store and it came back quickly and obviously positive! We are thrilled. We are totally Quiver Full and LOVE children.

I was only 2.5- 3 weeks along and strongly nauseous. I went online and most say you wouldn't even know your pregnant yet. I found out weeks from even being late. Soooo, I am wondering if the Lord has blessed me with another set of twins! Perhaps that is why the test came back so early and I am already so queasy? We'll see. We are also still prayerfully proceeding with either fost/adopt or international, either Haiti, Liberia, Ethiopia or Ghana. So, we'll see. It would be incredible to nurse my adopted baby with my bio one. Bless you all. Thanks for sharing our joy! , Alida due 7/4/09.


Starlene said...

What wonderful news!!!! I'm so happy for you. :-D

momof3under5 said...

oh alida! I"m so thrilled for you . Many congrats. Your family is such a joy. I'm in awe at all you do. The Lord has blessed you with wonderful insight and love for everything that crosses your path.
May you grow (literally!) in the grace of God!

Lindsay said...

Saw your post on the AR yahoo loop, so I thought I'd come check out your blog. CONGRATS on your new blessing!!

*Overflowing* said...

Alida, I am so excited for you! Congratulations! Can't wait for this little one to be born...I need a newborn to smooch on :)

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