Nov 4, 2008

Lack of Christian conviction with Abortion

It was sad, we went a couple weeks ago to a country wide ( ALL OF ORANGE COUNTY) Pro-Life rally, and only about 30-40 people showed up!
FOR ALL OF ORANGE COUNTY. I understand that people get busy..
Brian Kemper from Rock for Life was there speaking about the horrible atrocities going on. He spoke and asked "how many churches live in just a 12 mile radius from here? How many 10's of thousands of Christians live in a 12 miles radius? Any this is the group that showed up to stand for life? How important is the life of the unborn to you?A real tragedy today is that hardly a pastor speaks out against abortions. That is why you see many " Christians" today lining up to kill the child in their wombs today. Many pastors don't teach the word of God much less taking responsibility for your actions and accepting consequences.

The ladies form a Homeschooling group that I am involved with went to pray outside of a abortuary. They noticed a couple in the parking lots sitting in their car, They asked them "hey what we're you just praying?" They responding that they were praying to God to give them peace over the abortion if they should do it. The ladies spoke with them and mentioned scriptures that pointed them to what God's heart is on the matter. They mentioned something to the effect of not knowing its wrong because the pastor never preached that it is wrong. In the end they ended up choosing life for their baby, but what a sad commentary for our time! Does YOUR PASTOR speak out against abortion?I went to another pro-life rally and many in the pro-life community went to pastors to give them literature to give our to their congregations, some asked them not to return! Some refused! One even said, "well what is the problem with abortion? What happens to a innocent child when they die, they go to heaven right? so what's the problem? "

The problem is that God hates innocent blood been shed, if you look in the bible, over and over he speaks of HATING the shedding of innocent blood, that it cries out! The problem is that babies have their limbs ripped off and are decapitated. The problem is that it goes against God's word and it's murder. This was a pastor of a major OC Congregation. What does your pastor say about it? Prayerfully encourage him to be a advocate for the unborn! Pray for the Lord to provide opportunities and ways for your family /church to help. Whether it be adoption, or mentoring, or giving financially or (most obviously) just voting for pro-life candidates! ( a small aside) I have heard several times by "Christians" that they like a certain candidate except that one small abortion issue. Think about those words. that small abortion issue. 50 million people have perished and folks even Christians call it "that one small abortion issue" It terrifies me that folks must have no CLUE what God's word says. Judgment will come upon this nation quickly especially when even the "Christians" don't realize this atrocity for what it is and consider this a small issue. Abortion is THE issue that effects ALL other issues! I heard a person say "people keep asking what went wrong this election, how did we get stuck with such terrible people running for office? The children that were supposed to be here have all been aborted or prevented via birth control and sterilization. So all the godly people we were supposed to have here arent here. 1/3 of the generation gone!

This from the Pro Life Rally
The whole comment about voting for pro life candidates being a polarizing issue is just crazy. I hear all the time that I am a one issue voter. Abortion IS THE Political ISSUE of our day that affects all other issues! It is a moral and spiritual issue. Take for instance our immigration concerns going on over here. Has it occurred to ANYONE that we wouldn’t need to keep so many illegal aliens here to do these jobs if we hadn’t killed off over 45 MILLION of our own American citizens? That also affects social security. We don’t have enough workers to put into social security as folks are living longer… well 50 million citizens would have been really helpful! If I am a one issue voter than the issue that I vote for will be life! LIFE gets my vote. I think of the whole slavery issue in our history. I wonder how many great politicians had wonderful ideas and causes but yet still supported slavery. The slavery issue was a polarizing issue in that time as well.

Abortion is the issue, if some want to call me a polarized voter, so be it! I vote for life! life is what matters. We say, oh but look they have such a great plan for such and such. Are you aware rat poison is 99% nutritional? A little leaven leavens the whole lump.

The fear of the Lord is to hate evil. What does God say is evil.. read 6 things the Lord hates… the shedding of innocent blood. Some of us need to get a little more on fire to the application of God’s Word!

In the day of slavery many thought it would never end… when it did, those that sat by and did nothing or were lukewarm were so ashamed!

In 193o’s German Christians missed an opportunity to speak up on behalf of their Jewish citizens. They turned a deaf ear! Hitler went on to kill 6 million Jews. It seemed that Hitler was so powerful, the war (like abortion)seemed like it would go on forever… When it ended, They hung their heads in SHAME when they saw all those corpses!

May we stand proud with dignity when God asks us “What were YOU doing when they were killing 50 million of my people. What did YOU doing when they were murdering 50 million of the least of these.

What was important to YOU when this was going on? I will say that I voted for life, that I supported pro-life candidates and groups, that I adopted, (we are adopting). That we prayed outside of abortuarys, that we volenteered at birth clinics, etc. that I rescued those being lead away to slaughter. When people look in History of the 21 century church people will see one thing about the church. It was COMPRIMISED and luke warm! We have the same abortion rates, divorce rates, and sex before marriage rates as the world. it is said that 95 % of US is Christian, yet every where you look, in every city liberal judges, representatives, congressmen, bills and laws keep getting voted in… folks that say they are Christian but they don’t care about the things of God and don’t vote for the things of God. God is good to always leave a remnant! Stand up and be apart of His righteous remnant that is faithful! OK off my soap box. Goodnight.


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