Oct 17, 2008

Josiah Turns 2!

Here is Our precious pumpkin snacking on his favorite treat, yogurt!  
Our precious little Josiah Valor turned 2! We are so proud of him . He is so exuberant and full of life. He is a charming, huggable friendly joyful happy loving funny little guy and he is adored and loved by his siblings and all who know him. Here are some pics/video of our cute clownish kid. Only the Lord knows what great exploits our little King Josiah will do in his life! Posted by Picasa

We call him GI JOJO!!


The Epsteens said...

Hi I just found your blog from Spunky Homeschool. I just had to say that I love your name. We had a baby that we lost who we named Alida Rae "little winged one, living in freedom". I have never heard that name before or since so when I saw yours I just had to write. God bless you!


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