Sep 5, 2008

ROLL CALL/ what's going on with us

Well, not much is happening in the way our our adoption journey. IT IS SORT OF AT A STANDSTILL. Oh well, all in God's perfect timing, we will wait upon the Lord. The sibling set we pined away for and prayed over and that we thought would be prefect for our family are now long gone. They were removed from the website. I suppose the parents that are adopting them could change their minds but that doesn't seem likely. They are still up at the heart gallery. You can view them here. Heart Gallery
Aren't they precious! sigh. I have quite a few friends/online buddies that have recently brought home children from Liberia, Haiti, and Asia. We even had our eye out for a really precious Sudanese girl and her brother (Josiah's Age) but they too were adopted! This is a good thing I know. I just have to remember that our children are handpicked by GOD TO BE APART OF OUR FAMILY IN HIS TIMIMG.


*Overflowing* said...

Hang in there sweet Alida. You are right...God does have your precious babies already picked out!!

Hey...start praying about Ethiopia..we are...hehehe :)

Ransomed~Redeemed said...

Stacy, We are totally praying. I have been praying over Haiti, Liberia and Ethipia for a while. It's amazing as I keep meeting people FROM Ethiopia, who have done missions OR have ADOPTED from Ethiopia! Lord have your way with us! We are ready! We would even consider HIV orphans. I recently received and email from someone that adopted 4 children ( at the same time) from Ethiopia in addition to her bio chidlren! I think they had 10 total. God miraculously brought in all the money needed! Thank you for the encouragement!

Alida said...

Hello Alida,
How long I have wished to say those words to another person, as I am Alida Bradley, a 55-year old fellow believer in Jesus Christ from Minneapolis, MN, who just happened to "google" my name and came up with your delightful blog. This is completely God, as I have a niece, Katie Bradshaw, who has adopted 3 sisters from Ethiopia. She's a little older than you are, and the girls just celebrated their 2nd year anniversary of the day they met Katie. There's much more to tell, but I'm going to forward you Katie's blog tomorrow at my work computer. I'm at the library now, and I don't remember her blog name right off, as I have it on my favorites. Your family looks very blessed and I'm sure that any child you are able to adopt from Ethiopia would be very blessed. Katie would do everything all over again. She loves those girls. Like I said, I really believe this is of God, and that He is going to form a bond between the two of you. She has lots of different things going on, as you'll see on her website. She makes her own chapstick, and the girls are very crafty and active. Well, it's been very fun finding you and seeing your beautiful family. I hope you enjoy hearing from Katie Bradshaw also.
Alida Bradley

Alida said...

Do you have a place where I can send some pictures of Katie, Calvin and kids?

Alida Bradley said...

Hi Alida,
Well, another niece of mine adopted from Ethiopia. She just brought her little "cupcake" home in September. Her two blogs are and She can probably relate to having to wait, but I sure appreciate your big heart and how you just want to keep adding to your family. You are a real inspiration. I don't have any kids, but I love kids and get along with them really good. I have a friend who's little 7 year old son considers me "his" friend. A few months ago we had a great dodge game with stuffed animals in his bedroom. Very fun, indeed. I have also heard Heidi Baker. She is so in love with Jesus, another inspiration. I would love to visit Mozambique to see her orphanage. I'm sure God is really concerned about all those babies. He loves those babies. Well, you take care, and talk to you later.
Alida :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Alida, Look for babies on They have alot of kids of all ages. I am the founder.. your name was sent to me.

Tereasa said...

Hello! Your blog looks very interesting! The kind of blog that is just my style.

I am the adoptive mom of a S.H. baby and a waiting child. I would love to answer any questions you might have. I recently started a new blog and am in the process of republishing exerts from my adoption journal. It may or may not be interesting to you.

Where in the process are you exactly?

Please stop by for a visit!

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