Apr 19, 2008

Wow an answer to prayer!

Almost everyday I chat with one of my best friends (Gina, girl I love ya) on the phone. Each day we pray for one another before getting of the phone. Today after she prayed for me, I added that prayer for some of my relatives that are going through very hard times, for salvation for both friends and families. Also, I prayed mentioning that we haven't heard anything back from the foster care agency that we signed up for and that if it wasn't God's will that He'd take the desire away to adopt, that His will be done. I didn't think anything of the prayer.

Hours later, I checked the email and a friend of mine typed that she knew of a Black/Hispanic biracial couple seeking an adoptive family for their child, a baby boy due SOON. They wanted a biracial family to adopt this child. And am I interested? OF COURSE! we are black/Hispanic. We sent our information and a picture. We are praying whatever God's will for us is. If nothing else we PRAISE the Lord that this special couple chose LIFE for their baby! AMEN! I pray if it is not us that is chosen that another godly family would be blessed with this child. I don't want to get my hopes up. I know the Lord will bless us with more children, either now or sometime in the future. The thought of holding a precious newborn in my arms in just a few short months sounds absolutely wonderful. Nevertheless, His will, not mine.

A friend of mine just shared Statistics that said that not only are we Christians having an equal amount of abortions, but we are actually having a HIGHER percentage of abortions than the nonbelievers! Is that astonishing or what? I am totally flabbergasted at that. I guess folks want to hide it, but God's Word says what is done in secret will be shouted from the rooftops! There is NO peace in covering up sin, it just begets MORE sin. There is healing in the confession and dealing with the sin. I should know, The Lord forgave and redeemed mine, even used it for His Glory.

I remember reading about girls that back in the day girls would hide pregnancies with baggy clothes, then leave babies on doorsteps or give their baby up for adoption. We'd be thrilled to find a baby at our door. ;-)

Canaan told me last night "Mama, wouldn't it be great if there was a sign on our porch that said that mommies don't have to
kill the babies in their tummies and that they could leave them on our doorstep? We would open our door and take care of the babies?"

I have been praying the last couple of weeks for those aborted babies, and those babies that are discarded in dumpsters and other places. I keep praying that the Lord would somehow direct these children to us! I want to tell the mothers that there children ARE WANTED! If you could spread the word, we don't care the color. We would gladly take in any babies and give them a loving home a future and a hope! My heart grieves after reading about the Santa Ana woman (I live in Santa Ana)that gave birth to a baby and then buried it in the yard. I don't know what awful circumstances we went on that caused her to do such a thing. I pray girls/women would chose life for their babies, even if they won't be the ones to raise them. If you guys want to spread the word. We love children and color doesn't matter to us. Every child is a wanted child to us. I am totally serious! Wouldn't that be such a testimony of God's goodness! ;-) Be Blessed. Alida w4


Melonie said...

Thank you for leaving a comment on my Workerette blog!

I am so with you on this - I want one of those signs too! I feel led toward adoption (I have two bio children, 1 boy, 1 girl) - I feel there are 2 more, 1 of each, waiting out there somewhere for me. If they could just show up on the doorstep, well, you wouldn't hear me complaining. ;-)

May His will be done in your search for more arrows in your quiver.

The Henderson Family said...

Oh I hope you do get that baby!!! I will be praying about it. I know how hard it is to go through the foster care and adoption system. So many children, so many heart-breaking stories!!!

I just thank God that He has laid adoption on the hearts of so many Christian families.

Anonymous said...

Hi!~I have often prayed that God would leave a baby on our doorstep too. Pray that God will do that. I have often said, How come God, How come you give babies to people that don't want them or that will abuse or abort them, when we want more & always have , but you have only given us the one child, which we are so blessed to have. Lisa~~~stargazer43008@yahoo.com

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