May 26, 2011

I need help getting to Africa

Alida here. Growing up in foster care was far from easy. Not having parents (for various reasons) and making my own way without support was extremely difficult. For years I carried around an orphan spirit of rejection, abandonment and hurt. I suffered many hardships and lacked purpose. I'm blessed because even through all that, friends became family and someone always took me in! A persistent Aunt always called to check on me. As broken as the foster care system was, they made sure I had food clothing shelter, medical care, and an education. Youth services like shelters gave me the tools to help me survive to adulthood. I now have an incredible family. :-)

Sadly life is so incredibly bleak and hopeless for millions of orphans worldwide. In Ethiopia in particular, there is no "foster care system," no food, medical or educational programs available. Many have to resort to terribly degrading inhumane ways to support themselves to survive often begging, digging through trash or prostituting themselves in order to survive.

Picture your child, sibling, grandchild niece/nephew alone, cold malnourished, hungry, frightened and not receiving medical care or education. Picture this child completely and utterly alone. Can you imagine an orphaned 5 year old caring for siblings. I heard about a 12 year old girl that cried herself to sleep nightly as each day she had to decide which of her hungry crying siblings would eat that day. I can't imagine that. I can't imagine my little ones fending for themselves HERE let alone in the dusty streets of Africa. If it were your child or someone you love, wouldn't you want people and organizations to help?

Hi friends, I am so grateful for all of the opportunities I've been given. It's always been my dream to work with abandoned or orphaned children. This July I plan on going to Ethiopia with a WONDERFUL group called Visiting Orphans and Ordinary Heros. We'll visit widows, orphans, outcasts, those infected with HIV living on the streets and at the Korah dump in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. We'll establish goals for working with the people there and access how we can help them long term. To get there I need your help and FAST! The deadline is approaching and V. O. needs $1100 to purchase my ticket to travel by May 31st. I have I also need an additional $1300( that isn't due until July) ( Total trip is $3100, I've raised $1000) Anything over that amount will help an amazing young lady Brittany Buttram get to Ethiopia with me. She'll be the next generation of youth caring for orphans. She needs the same amount. ($3100)

Did I mention that this is TAX deductible? Would you happen to know of anyone or businesses that could sponsor me? PLEASE email me if you do. It would make a great write off and is for a great cause. Every little bit helps! Thank you being a part of my support team. I can be reached at call or text me: (714) 335-0434. PLEASE HELP ME HELP ORPHANS visit It will ask "Would you like to designate this donation to a specific team member?" PLEASE REMEMBER to click "YES" and type in "ALIDA RODRIGUEZ". Then shoot me an email letting me know you’ve done so. To follow my journey visit

Here's a clip that speaks about some of the work we'll do there among the Ethiopians. I love how Samuel says in 3:48 "They think the children and people here are cursed and unimportant, But we ARE important!"

____ I will call Visiting Orphans and make a payment by phone at (866) 683-7554
____ I will donate to Visiting Orphans on your behalf online
(remember to specify this is for Alida Rodriguez thank you)

What does it take to help orphans? Any amount helps me get to $3100!
If 620 people/businesses/organizations donated $5.00 = $3100!
If 310 people/businesses/orgs donated $10.00= $3100!
If 155 people/businesses/orgs donated $20.00= $3100!
If 103 people/businesses/orgs donated $30.00= $3100!
If 62 people/businesses/orgs donated $50.00= $3100!
If 31 people/businesses/orgs donated $100.00=$3100!
If 15 people/businesses/orgs donated $200.00=$3100
If 10 people/businesses/orgs donated $300.00=$3100
If 6 people/businesses/orgs donated $500.00=$3100
If 3 people/businesses/orgs donated $1000.00=$3100
If 2 people/businesses/orgs donated $1550.00=$3100
You get the Picture!
Thank you for any donation of ANY amount! Bless you. Alida w5


amy wright said...

I saw you on a blog about Moses in Haiti and clicked over to see you. We are adopting from Ethiopia and we are with an agency that is connected to Ordinary Hero. I hope you get all of your money raised!!

Ransomed~Redeemed said...

I went in July. It was awesome. Is your daughter at Restoration with Ashli? Excited for you. Who is your adoption agency? Bless you. Alida w5

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