May 10, 2011

Date has been changed!

Hello Precious friends,
First I wanted to THANK Those of you that have donated to Visiting Orphans on my behalf! I and my team certainly appreciate your gift! Thank you for helping us help orphans!

Friends, I need your help! Many of you are aware I was previously scheduled to go to Ethiopia in April with Project Hopeful. PH has received much needed publicity as an organization with many magazine artilces, TV & radio interviews that they wanted to use those opportunities to raise awareness on how we can help HIV orphans. The trip has been postponed. I am going with another beloved group "Ordinary Hero" hosted by Visiting Orphans in JULY!!! (God willing) It is my hope that the Lord will use this trip to bless orphans and widows and to advocate for those who without a voice. I pray that my heart will become broken with that which breaks His heart. I hope to share in the fellowship of his suffering and bring hope and joy and the power of His resurrection to those in need.

After much prayer I am stepping out in faith for provision for this trip. I have less than 1 week to raise $1600 needed for the flight ( May 31st) and after that I'll need to raise $1500 more. We hope to also bless the orphanage with an item such as a stove, water purification system or playground.

Please pray for me and my team. Pray that we would be fruitful and productive during our time there. Please also consider donating to help me get there! May 31st is the deadline! The GREAT news is that IT'S TAX DEDUCTIBLE!! Would you happen to know of any organization or businesses that could sponsor me? PLEASE email me if you do. It would make a great write off and is for a great cause. Every little bit helps! Any money raised over this amount goes blesses ORPHANS with items like either a new stove, water purification, or playground.

To donate visit It will ask "Would you like to designate this donation to a specific team member?" PLEASE REMEMBER to click "YES" and type in "ALIDA RODRIGUEZ". PLEASE, HELP ME HELP ORPHANS, and get a tax break to boot. :-) If you have any items you wish to get rid of, I'd gladly pick them up to help raise the funds needed to travel. Thank you so much for your help and your prayers! Alida w5
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What does it take to help orphans? Any amount helps me get to $3100!
If 620 people donated $5.00 = $3100!
If 310 people donated $10.00 = $3100!
If 155 people donated $20.00 = $3100!
If 103 people donated $30.00 = $3100!
If 62 people donated $50.00 = $3100!
If 31 people donated $100 = $3100! You get the Picture! Thank you for any donation of ANY amount! Bless you. Alida w5


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