Apr 6, 2009

Sad week for us ;-(

This has been a sad week for us. This week we had a sister in the Lord, Julie Quintanapass away shortly after giving birth leaving her husband and 4 children.
Days later we learned that our friend, Pastor Charlie Wilkins
went home to be with the Lord. He was just recently diagnosed
with lung cancer then on April 2ND went to the hospital with
difficulty breathing and died. http://www.ocregister.com/articles/wilkins-miller-westminster-2354069-community-years

I just wanted to share that pastor Charlie Wilkins was an incredible
man. He will be sorely missed. I met him in High School. He was a
basketball coach. For a year or two he'd pester me and say "come
on out and join the basketball team, you'll love it! come on girl!" Finally
my senior year I took him up on the offer. He taught me how to shoot
3 pointers. :-) Before that I'd make a spectacle of myself shooting
air ball after air ball. He used that same encouragement later on to get
my friend Virgie to join the choir and a few others. He had a way of making you feel
important and needed, that there was SOMETHING you should be doing:-)

He became a pastor and led my husband to CHRIST! He counseled us, married us
and dedicated two oldest children. He was a Westminster police Chaplain,
Became founder and pastor of church Greater Grace Church of deliverance
in Westminster and volunteered in many ways in the community, often speaking and singing with that great voice of his. I believe
he worked at other schools. Fryburger Elementary put out a FAREWELL sign.
Charlie was one of those people that always drew a crowd. My mom and I
used to joke that he should go into politics. Wherever we'd see him,
at the store or out and about, he was crowded with people. He'd always stop
and talk with you. He was a dear sweet man. Especially at a time when
Titus 2 men/godly father figures are in short supply.
Pastor Charlie is in the presence of Jesus now. Goodbye, we'll miss you.
http://www.ocregister.com/articles/wilkins-miller-westminster-2354069-community-years Alida w4


*Overflowing* said...

Praying for both families!! Hugs my friend!!

Ransomed~Redeemed said...

Did you know that Huatzin and I are the first couple that he married? How special. Alida w45

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