Jan 2, 2009

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“Foster Parent Challenges Lawmakers to Morally Meet the Needs of Foster Children.”

(Culver City, California-December 22, 2008)--Foster/Adoptive Parent, Katherine Womack is pleased to announce the release of two publications, one of which will be the first to unite a cohort of caregivers, in an effort to bridge the gap between bureaucracy and morality. We Are Family magazine’s emphasis “Foster and Adoptive Parents, Caregivers, their children—HOPE”, is coined as the threshold towards change by Womack who feels that the children’s dependency system’s improper protocol, low compensation, and a lack of support overall (for foster parents) has in many ways contributed to the significant decline in quality foster family homes.

Womack, 36, Founder/Publisher, single foster parent of four children and an adoptive parent of two, mentored minority teens prior to becoming a foster parent. She is determined to curtail the negativity by rallying with caregivers, mentors and social workers, with hopes of creating a support system that will help heal their pangs and start anew.

We Are Family magazine will be published bi-monthly and independently distributed beginning December 31, 2008. The publication will have an extensive editorial agenda including topics on surrogacy, mentorship and how to care for ill or disabled children. Womack also plans to launch an interactive site that will provide continuous support for aged-out foster youth, tutorials assisting caregivers when helping teens to prepare for independent living and much more. Readers can expect to see celebrity covers and the publisher vows to help children find permanent homes. “Studies have shown that minority children—especially under the age of two are considered to be an ‘adoptable age’; what about the wonderful children aged three and up?” she believes that unity is key, and encourages everyone to plant a seed by spreading the word.



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