Jan 8, 2009

Himilayan Orphans sing praises

We enjoy many different types of music and in our family we love to dance and sing praise in many different tongues. We actually prefer ethnic Christian praise music to English! ;-) Here is a favorite that we love. Be blessed as you listen and watch. It always blesses me to see that the widow, the poor, and the orphan are known by God and even in their circumstance, He can fill them with joy, praise, peace and purpose. He calls these children by name and they are His! To hear this, go to playlist at the bottom of my blog on turn the volume off of the music playing. Heartsounds has whole collectins of praise music around the world that is amazing. We love the different Indian, Asian and african songs. Here is the excerpt by Heart sounds.

Ascending the heights of the Himalayas we discovered what must be one of God's dearest treasures. A Christian orphanage is located here that is home to many Nepali children and youth who would otherwise be homeless.

That is treasure enough, but these children also rise with the sun every morning and see the sun down every evening while they offer beautiful heart-felt worship and prayers. Reports say that the sound of their voices from here reach the heavens but also reverberate all they way down the long Himalayan valleys giving light and hope to all who hear.

We could not help but wonder how a God who is big enough to affect matters of an entire world can manage to find a way to reveal His love to these children in this very remote and isolated "roof of the world". It has served as a reminder to us that God specializes in finding all of us, especially in the most remote places of our hearts, lives and existence. Heartsounds.org


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