Jun 19, 2008

RE: Please pray for a family for this sibling set! UPDATE/more children !!

Just HAD to share with all of you.. Your prayers have worked. Many of you wrote/called to tell me that you are praying for these children. 3 families even contacted me saying they wanted to adopt them. THEY FOUND A HOME! SOMEONE ADOPTED ALL SEVEN CHILDREN! Praise the Lord that sibling set found a forever family. God is good. My heart was filled with joy and thanksgiving! Unfortunately Brittany is still waiting. Here are a couple more sets that need prayer and homes...please read and/pray for them. Perhaps some of you may even consider being a father to the fatherless? My hope is that each of these children would all find homes. It makes it easier for me to know which doors God is closing for us by having them adopted. :-) pass it around to get the word out. BTW for some reason there tends to be many more waiting boys then girls needing homes. ;-( Take a look at the photos and pray! BTW, if you DO adopt because of this post, or adopt any of these children, can you please let me know? Thank you. Alida w4
--a very special family needed Please pray for this child and her child. I was especially was taken by the responsibility this young lady is showing in her own life, going to school with good grades,wanting to go to college, working part time and taking care of her child. I hope we in the adoption community can help both of these children by at least getting the word out, if we aren't called to be their family ourselves. I have a very strong feeling that both these children are starved for the affections of a real family. My heartbreaks for this young lady to have to ask for grandparents for her child. Please forward these children's stories where ever you can to get their word out.

Charlotte T., proud volunteer with http://www.untilallhavehomes.org http://www.grantmeachance.com
Kaylee's story:http://www.babyjellybeans.com/web/do/site/home?ID=174441
Subject: a special family is needed
From: TDelle@...
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2008 19:20:40 -0500

Okay, here is a very different situation than I've ever presented.
Please pray for this situation and pass it on to anyone who may be
interested in pursuing this adoption. Thank you, Tammy

Name: Matrine
Status: Born
Birth Date: 3/18/1992
Gender: Female
Race: African-American
Special Need: None Known
This child is a mature, 16 year old female, who has completed the 10th grade. She hopes to attend college after high school and currently has the grades to do so. She is the mother of a five year old daughter, Melissa, who she is currently parenting. Matrine hopes to find a family that will adopt her and become grandparents to her 5 year old daughter. Matrine hopes to find a family that is young thinking and can help her to develop and grow into a well rounded young woman. She currently works part time at McDonald's. She is open to moving away from the Memphis area. Adoption Assistance is available for this child. Matrine has no developmental, physical or behavior problems.

Tammy Delle, M.A.
Middle Tennessee Director
Bethany Christian Services
220 Athens Way # 405
Nashville, TN 37228 615) 242-0909
Precious age 5 she's been waiting...
Hey, you wouldn't even need to change his name to a biblical one! Malachi is 5 ______________________________________________________________
Christian age 3 http://photolisting.adoption.com/foster-adoption/children/christian-14388
Nathan H ( H should be for HANDSOME, because that's what he is! Nathan means gift and he is a gift from the Lord for whoever adopts this set. ;-) Nathan and his sister Alize are both 5. you can find them here http://photolisting.adoption.com/foster-adoption/children/nathan+h-6743 They have been on this site for a LONG time. Help them find a home. They are from California
Another precious set http://photolisting.adoption.com/foster-adoption/children/jaustinity-14113 Jaustinity (age 6) Donavan (age 5)and Alayna (age 7)located in Texas They are precious
Have you ever wanted girl twins? Shametra & Shameka age 5. http://photolisting.adoption.com/foster-adoption/children/shametra-14256
Joseph age 7, Keshyaunna (5 girl) Tyreece (boy age 4) http://photolisting.adoption.com/foster-adoption/children/tyreece-13247 check out those gorgeous eyes
Davontrae 11, Semaj age 9, Emonni (girl 7) Asiah (Girl 6) Carl ( male 5) http://photolisting.adoption.com/foster-adoption/children/emonni-13590
Aisha (girl 11) Ayisha (girl 11) Lee (male age 5) Layiron age 3Male
http://photolisting.adoption.com/foster-adoption/children/shakira-14339Shakira age 4 Cheyenne age 8
http://photolisting.adoption.com/foster-adoption/children/brendon-12268 Fabulous 8! Brendon(male 17) Lesha female 15, Tyshawn male age 14Mariah female age 13 Tabitha ages 10 female, Nakia age(8 female) Danyale age 5 female Jaheim age 4 male
Jacob (male age 7) Christine age 7, Charles (age 4), Georgie (female age 3) http://photolisting.adoption.com/foster-adoption/children/charles-9740
http://photolisting.adoption.com/foster-adoption/children/emarion-12136Enederia (female age 12) Elijah age 8, Edward age 6, Ethan age 5 male, Emarion (male age 4) Exavier *age 3
Hayden Age:3 http://photolisting.adoption.com/foster-adoption/children/hayden-14279
logan age 3 female http://photolisting.adoption.com/foster-adoption/children/logan+t-13992
Antonio (age 3) http://photolisting.adoption.com/foster-adoption/children/antonio-13694 _________________
Gage 5 Arianna F 7 http://photolisting.adoption.com/foster-adoption/children/gage+f-12809
Pearl 11 http://photolisting.adoption.com/foster-adoption/children/pearl-10667
Cheryl 10, Joseph 7, Kaylee 6 Anthony 4
JadaAge:3 Taleah age 4, Dakota 6, http://photolisting.adoption.com/foster-adoption/children/jada-14131
Meckhii is a beautiful little guy who likes to play computer learning games. Meckhii interacts well with adults and is loving and needs encouragement to interact with kids. Meckhii has faced a lot of challenges in his young life, yet he still manages to share his bright smile with the world. Meckhii needs a family that can support his needs and advocate for him throughout his life. Meckhii
Meckhii is 4 years of age. His ethnicity is African-American, and he will join an adoptive family as a single child. His agency is located in San Bernardino, CA. His reference number is 496426.
Melinda is 6 years of age. Her ethnicity is Asian/Pacific Islander, and she is one of 4 to be placed together for adoption. Her agency is located in Torrance, CA. Her reference number is 494283.
Meet Melinda, a beautiful and sweet girl. School is a challenge for her as she has to switch from using Khmer to learning English. Melinda is quiet and mild-tempered, but can also be mischievous as she sometimes likes to tease other children. She follows her sister Deborah around and likes to imitate her actions, such as pretending to read or write. Melinda can be independent and she follows adult directions well.
SIBS: Pamala, Sary & Deborah
Rayleen is 7 years of age. Her ethnicity is Latino, and she is one of 3 to be placed together for adoption. Her agency is located in Orange, CA. Her reference number is 495471.
To see siblings, click on their names: Selene (ID: 495472) Melody (ID: 495473)_________
Endya is 9 years of age. Her ethnicity is African-American, and she is one of 3 to be placed together for adoption. Her agency is located in Oakland, CA. Her reference number is 496355. To see siblings, click on their names: Jabari (ID: 496354) Dantrell (ID: 496356)
Disrupted Haitian adoption/beautiful girl!
http://www.achildswaiting.com/adoptive_parents/adoption_disruption/disruption_children.php I was checking out waiting children when I saw this precious beautiful gem! I saw this child and wanted to post it here. I am not on any other Haitian groups, so if you feel compelled, pass it on, or if you feel led, pray and see if she might be right for you family! Bless you, Alida w4

Brittany 's Profile http://www.achildswaiting.com/adoptive_parents/adoption_disruption/profiles/brittany.php « Back to Children Waiting
Brittany was born in Haiti on 3-12-93 and has been in the USA for 2 years. She was adopted along with her birth brother and a friend from the same orphanage. She maintains contact with her birth family in Haiti, which is important to her. Brittany continues to identify heavily with her Haitian culture and maintains her native language.

Brittany is in the 8 th grade in ESL and special education classes. She is significantly behind in her studies, primarily reading at a 2 nd grade level. Brittany struggles at times to remember what she learns. She has a hard time making friends and is shy. Brittany has low self-esteem and has problems with depression for which is medicated. At times, she can be oppositional when she feels depressed or bad about herself.

Brittany loves to cook and can style and braid hair in a very artistic manner. She needs a family that is willing to help her feel better about herself and will help her reach her potential academically. She is a sweet girl who needs a loving family that will commit to her to adulthood and beyond.
For more information please call 330-665-1811


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