Feb 14, 2008

My Family doesn't GET me!

I just I just felt like sharing...

my family doesn't get me at all. a couple days ago a family member made this hint to me that I am cold, uncaring, not affectionate to my kids, that my boys will find wives that are the same way. Then made a comment that I am too stern have too high expectations, also that my kids will never be able to find a wife as I won't ever let them go, and let them out of my sight. ( They are homescooled and we don't do Sunday school)

I was like are you SERIOUS? I am an attachment parenting mother! They would quite possibly be the ONLY one on the planet that would call me uncaring, and cold. I breastfed my TWINS until they were 4.5 YEARS old! There are total strangers that I meet in a store or online for 5 or 10 minutes that know more about my ideals and philosophies than my own family. Also, do they need to be spouse searching at the ripe ole age of 6? I DO expect my children to obey me. I DO check attitudes and character issues, and nip bad behavior in the bud, and I DO lovingly enforce consequences.. But I DON'T consider my behavior to be uncaring.

The same relative also said a week before that the homeschooling issue really bugs her. It also bothers her that we seem to be so counterculture. (Which I thought we were SUPPOSED to be, not conformed to this world but transformed by the rewing of our minds, in the world not of the world, the 1 century church turned the world right side up! .. but I digress) but her spouse reminded her that considering what I came from it could be much worse, after all, I could be all strung out on crack! so... homeschooling the kids, or crack habit...well homeschooling is ATLEAST one notch above crack... hehehe it actually sounds so funny typing this out. I am giggling as I type...

Interestingly enough this same relative admits that my children are wonderful, good, easy going, behaved her words, not mine... could it POSSIBLY be that MAYBE the weird horrific way I parent might have SOMETHING to do with it? OR is it completely by chance that my children are a joy and delight to be around, and are wonderful compassionate, moral God-fearing people? We may never know the real answer! Hope this cheers you up. Or makes you laugh.. Also, if anyone has a couple of daughters that need a spouse... Canaan & Elijah will be 7 in July. They like long walks on the beach, puppies, and Bibleman! So the girls would have to be OK with that... ;-) I don't want to let them get too old and not be able to find a suitable wife. hehehe ok, I'm off to bed.


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