Nov 4, 2004

She's gonna BLOW! Part 1&2

Part 1

Kids are so amusing... With childrearing, days can be SO frustrating and some days downright embarrassing. A wise woman that I know.. tells me.. " It is all humbling. It ALL Keeps you humble..". Never before have I REALLY appreciated those words... It is my MANTRA when things are going so horribly horribly wrong.. If I remember that it keeps me humble I feel there is purpose behind it.

Lets start off.. (My birthday) Tuesday started off with not much food in the home. The kids asking for candy. I said sure.. we all ended up eating a TON Of candy as I didn't cook till much later. I know I am awful for allowing such a thing. After a loooooong day of refereeing squabbles and hurt feelings, I am near exhausted and looking forward to adult conversation with a friend later on.

Today is one of the toughest days I have had in awhile. the KIDS UNUSUALLY CRANKY.

After awhile I take them out to go vote. EVERYONE there was saying "wow how wonderful your twins are". "They are SO well behaved... What ANGELS!" One woman mentioned that her twins are monsters but mine we so upstanding and obedient. ... HA!They did fine until we went up to Tina's home (she invited us over for dinner)

... I had to wake them in the car, so they had no nap... One of the boys kept trying to hug Isabella.. By picking her up by her neck... Then kept pushing Anaiah WAY to hard in the swing, arguing over toys, tantrums! NO amount of redirecting will help against tired hungry amped on sugar TWIN BOYS.

I will be SHOCKED if she ever has us back again.. I tried to explain it is because they are amped on candy and haven't had a nap.. not sure if she was convinced or not. I feel like that mom of twins on that show (haven't seen much of it) Desperate Housewives. I bet MANY folks with twins have boys like that...

Afterward we peeled out of her home EXHAUSTED!


Wednesday, A new day, a new start. Fresh beginnings. We go to a fantastic Bible study. Community Bible Study that is held at a church/private school. I ask the teachers how they did cringing at the recollection of Tuesday's chain of events. They did wonderfully... Little boogers. I was pleased and thankful to hear those words.

AS we were leaving I noticed Elijah looking at the fire alarm. My gut said to move QUICKLY! Alas not quick enough. He pulled and the alarm went off everyone darts for the field. THE WHOLE SCHOOL HAD TO BE EVACUATED! The fire truck came and circled around the school and after 20 minutes of the alarm sironing off we all could leave and the students could return to their classes.

EVERYONE knew it was the lady with the twins who pulled the fire alarm! No one could know my horror! LOL.I then had to go get groceries. Once again they feel asleep in the car and I had to wake them up. I should have KNOWN better.

A wise woman has a saying.. "When your hungry or tired your prone to sin." how true that is how true.Here I am wearing Anaiah in the sling and pushing them in the cart and they are pulling things off the shelves wrestling, poking each other in the eye... jumping out the cart to dance. I RACED through the store grabbing the things I needed and vowed NEVER ever again to take them anywhere with me in public.

We then went down to San Diego. My dear sweet hubby coaches Special Olympics. The kids were wrestling with the athletes, swinging around their equipment... fairly behaved though. They ran around training with the athletes. Not sure how many miles they ran, do you think that wore them out at all? Not in the least! OH to be young and have energy.

Every where we go I feel like a circus show! I am always slinging Anaiah and having to drop everything to race ALL three to the bathroom, or having to referee arguments... or folks will come by to ask questions on the twins and tell me how a niece of there has twins or how they always wanted twins...or how cute and well behaved they are...

Maybe if they read my blog they'd think twice. We will politely stop and chat with them for a bit. The attention started the moment we brought them home from the hospital and hasn't stopped since.

AHH the fame of having multiples... If they aren't staring at them folks are coming up and loving on Anaiah. It is very sweet. Sometimes however, you just want to get in a store and out and not be chatty.

Anyhoo. Hope this makes SOMEONE SMILE. I can only laugh now that time has passed. Perhaps someone will not feel so alone to read this. Perhaps SOME GOOD WILL COME OUT OF THESE TWO LOOOOONG painful days. :o) Oh God is good to let us not think we have things all together. Not sure about you all, but when my home is calm, I start to feel like I am self sufficient, and like I am Miss wonderful altogether Mama.

Again I quote... "It all keeps up humble."


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