Feb 13, 2010

Maxwell's Conference... AGAIN

Isn't this BEAUTIFUL. It's made from all wood! I'd love this in my home with a different verse and bit smaller. Maybe one of my boys will one day excell in woodworking. ;-)

A photo with Teri Maxwell.

The whole family drove down to Fallbrook for the Maxwell Conference. This amazing family's website is over at www.titus2.com. The Maxwell's have wonderful resources, including a newsletter that you can sign up for. Some of their resources are "Managers of their Home," "Managers of their Chores" "Keeping our Children's hearts" and "Homeschooling with a meek and quite spirit." We attended their family conference with Exploring Homeschooling back when they came out a couple years back. With all that has been going on with Huatzin being out of work, Josiah being sick, doctors appointments, homeschooling and trying to be keeper of the home with lack of funds, resources and bill upon bill coming in daily without the ability to pay them, I've been quite frustrated. I have been edgy, stressed and STARVED for encouragement. I was SO blessed to attend this right before Valentine's Day.

Maxwell family bus! How neat to travel cross country Sharing Jesus.

I found this little refresher to be a huge reminder of many areas that I have grown lax on in the past year. From allowing ungodly media into our home, (in the past we held the standard of "is it educational and/or godly? Then went on down to "is it amusing and will it give me a moment to myself.YIKES!) to becoming lazy with ungodly influences, to the destructive fruit of anger. I was blessed by Teri's talk on Depression. Most of all the Lord pricked my heart with little ways where I had fallen lax with nurturing my marraige and reverencing my husband. It was all so timely. I was surprised at how much worse off I was then when I first heard them speak years ago. I don't believe that having a period of difficulty (in my case a whole YEAR) is excuse to sin or become lazy but all the more reason to SHINE for His Glory and reflect light in darkness. I have heard it said that just as you go to the doctors (assuming you can afford to) for a physical checkup, so you should even more so do occasional "spiritual" check ups. We were all blessed. Huatzin included. We spent the drive home talking about how we plan on implemeting these pricipals, It was wonderful. I LOVE my husband. Here are some very neat pictures I took while at the little church in Fallbrook.


Atheism-Pull the Plug

Unless someone care's

Unless someone care's

Compassion Verse

"Lifehouse Anything Skit"

Our Mighty Arrows

Our Mighty Arrows