Aug 20, 2009

August Update on Josiah

I am sorry for how much time has passed without an update! Especially since so many of you sweet sisters and brothers were praying for our family. Josiah is doing so much better. I really feel it is due to the intercession of all of you wonderful saints. We went in with an almost certain Leukemia diagnosis and now he seems fine. He still has a bit of a heart murmur and has the pale anemic face but still a huge improvement from when we first brought him in. I'll never forget the day they told me he may have cancer, and they day they made us sign form saying we understood the treatment options for Leukemia. I will also NEVER forget the day they handed it all back to us saying they were certain that is doesn't have the disease! You need a bit of the rain to to really appreciate the Sun.

His platelets have steadily gone up each time we have gone back. He is now at 101,000 platelets, so still low but way higher than the 8,000 he went in with originally. It's now been two about 2 1/2 months since my sweet son last received transfusions. When this whole thing began I feared many weeks of it. God is so gracious and merciful. Normal is around 250,000-450,000 and 150,000 is the norm for some people that naturally have low platelets. We have gone from weekly hospital visits to biweekly and now on to once a month. Most times the whole ordeal seems like such a distant faded memory. Other times it's as fresh as yesterday. It was such an uncertain time. Ladies, this is why we aren't to worry and fret. Now what seemed like an endless situation is all but over and worrying or panicking wouldn't have helped us one bit. Putting it in God's hand' will give you peace and joy when nothing else will. I DO wonder when I'll be able to see a bruise without thinking he's ill. Or, when he acts a little out of the ordinary, if I'll always think of Aplastic Anemia. This has opened my eyes to see each day as a gift, each child of mine is so loved and cherished by my husband and I.

We have been so very thankful for all that the Lord has brought us through.. from Josiah's cancer/blood disorder scare, the birth of a new baby and juggling a home with 5 under 8, to depending on him to provide our every need with Huatzin being out at work, and now beginning a new school year with 3 students. "Always something to keep us humble," as a sweet friend of mine would say. We go back in a couple of weeks. I'm sure he'll be fine. Thanks again. Love in Jesus, Alida & Rodriguez Family


darci said...

praising our BIG God with you-I have thought of you and little Josiah many times and always prayed. darci

steffany said...

Thank you for the update!

Emily said...

My heart rejoices to read this! When I first read your post about Josiah, I couldn't stop crying and my heart felt so heavy for you. Your little man was constantly on my mind, and many, many prayers were said. God is so gracious, I am so blessed to read about his progress. I am also blessed by the faith you have shown through it all. I pray that I would be able to show the same grace under such pressure! The Lord truly shines through you.

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