Dec 17, 2008

So, we had our utrasound..

Well we had our first appt with my midwife yesterday. We were all so curious to see if there was 1 baby or two. My kids have been praying for TRIPLETS! They have friends that are triplets and REALLY want to experience life with 3 baby siblings. Aren't they sweet?

Interestingly enough even our ultrasound tech is in the process of adopting..
From China and Ethiopia of all places! We both shared our passion for Ethiopia and how we both hope to adopt from there. I've met tons of people in person that want to adopt, none from Ethiopia. They must all live in some OTHER part of the country ;-)

Well to our surprise there is only ONE little bundle one the screen! Yet another "Singleton" for us! I asked the Ultrasound tech to make SURE they weren't more. This is the ONLY pregnancy with symptoms similar to my twins. I have been vomiting almost daily since I returned from our ladies homeschool retreat! In fact each time I'm in the car I remind myself or the kids to make sure there is a disposable cup in the car. Nothing worse than being on the freeway and scrambling for SOMETHING TO GET SICK in. Ick! I can't believe I am THIS SICK with ONE baby.

One surprising result of the ultrasound was that I am almost 16 weeks along instead of 11. This is VERY surprising for us as I has a very heavy 7-8 day long period while being pregnant! Weird. So we'll have a June, possibly May baby! So... I guess we are finally breaking out of the July Baby mold. Funny thing, though I'm not intuitive at all... I had a dream before I went in for the Ultrasound where I felt the baby kick and in my dream someone told me that the reason I felt the baby move is because I was further along than what I thought.

I expected to be a couple days off but not a whole month! The other thing is, usually by now my morning sickness is long gone. I would be shocked if this continues the whole pregnancy. Well, could happen, this baby is just DIFFERENT! ;-) Anyhoo, We had hoped /prayed for twins again.. but we are so thrilled that we'll have our sweet little "Singleton" maybe that's what we'll name him? haha! and it is sweeter still that we'll get to hold this baby way sooner than planned! Thanks for sharing our joy! Alida w4


Hot Belly Mama - taking it all back said...

Not only do you have an earth shaker, you've got a water and land shaker rolled into one! lol.

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