Aug 6, 2008

Checking in! Vasectomies, martyers, wic &abortions and Barak Obama

No word yet about adopting.. still no word back about our fingerprints, still no van or bus.. still not pregnant! We are trying to ease our way into schooling. Here are some topics of interest.. Did you know.. most EVERY excuse used for birth control is the same ones people use for abortions! " we're not financially ready" "it's to much work" we're already stressed out" "it's not the right time" "I couldn't handle a baby right now, (or another baby right now) " we're not ready" yada yada yada.. NO OTHER time in history have women been able to get their tubes tied or get vasectomies. Why do we break our bodies... It is unnatural to "fix " ourselves in order to not have children. It goes against how our bodies were designed, yet i hear SO many Christians say that it is God's will for them to rig their reproductive organs. Why would that be His will when He made the body to produce? It just goes against logic to me, but oh well.. I still love my friends that do it, even though i don't understand it.

This just in... Somali Christian martyred A Somali Christian has paid the ultimate price for his faith.

Check out this Ravi Zacharias Stumps Scientists on Science!

Oxymoron: WIC refers women for abortions

This happend right in Santa Ana! Abortionist Arrested For Violent Attack On Pro-lifer

The road to Rome In this climate, it is easy to understand why Barack Obama quickly captivates the hearts of people. He smiles, and he points down the path. "All you need," Obama promises, "is hope...and change...and me." Eagar to "catch the wave," many people are standing on the platform ready to buy a ticket on the Obama Express.


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Unless someone care's

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